jobsDB INFocus Night: Your insights into a career in different industries

We’ve concluded our third INFocus session! Collaboration between jobsDB and NTUC, INFocus Night aims to bring PMEs up to speed with the latest and upcoming trends in the employment marketplace and various industries through interactive sessions with some of Singapore’s leading employers.

During the evening, we zoomed in on the Tourism & Hospitality industry. Over 40 candidates joined us for an interactive session with Mr Leong Jing Hui, Director of Sales for Centara Hotels and Resorts.

“Through the session, i’ve gained valuable insights as well as interesting facts about the Tourism Industry,” said Susan Anwar, Finance & Accounting

The session provided an opportunity for candidates to gain an overview of how they can prepare themselves to enter, remain competitive and employable in a dynamic industry.

Mr Leong also shared his personal career journey, life experiences and the career opportunities within the industry. With that being said, he also let us in on a little secret as to how to remain relevant and employable – Invest in ourselves. Due to the rise of technology, we’ll also need to accept the changes that technology brings about. Get familiarized with the upcoming trends, and incorporate our style of working with technology. 

Executive, Rachel Tan shared that she enjoyed the sharing session by Mr Leong, particularly on his personal experiences and the upcoming trends in Tourism & Hospitality.

Finance executive, Chong Ailian said “I’ve gained a deeper understanding about the Tourism & Hospitality industry as well as the various challenges within the industry and how to overcome them.”

The talk concluded with a networking session between the candidates and speakers, where candidates had a chance to ask a range of pertinent questions with regards to career opportunities, working in the Tourism & Hospitality industry and advice on what it takes to succeed in their profession.

All in all, jobsDB’s INFocus Night proved to be an informative and worthwhile experience for PMEs like yourself and we look forward to seeing you all at the next INFocus session!


Source: jobsDB‘s own (image)