jobsDB INFocus Night: Your insights into a career in different industries

We’ve concluded our second INFocus session! Collaboration between jobsDB and NTUC, INFocus Night aims to bring PMEs up to speed with the latest and upcoming trends in the employment marketplace and various industries through interactive sessions with some of Singapore’s leading employers.

During the evening, we zoomed in on the Accounting and Finance industry. Over 60 candidates joined us for an interactive session with Ms Alice Tan, Chief Financial Officer of The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA).

Assistant Accounts Manager, Chow Mei Cheng shared that the sharing session by Ms Tan was both insightful and informative.

The session provided an opportunity for candidates to gain an overview of how Finance can take on a more strategic role and deviate from being just a transactional back office support function.

Ms Tan also shared her personal career journey, life experiences and the career opportunities at LTA.

“Through the session I’ve gained an understanding on how Finance can take on a strategic role, I also found the speaker’s sharing about Finance in the public sector and her career progression journey to be particularly insightful” said Kelvin Sim.


The talk concluded with a networking session between the candidates and speakers, where candidates had a chance to ask a range of pertinent questions with regards to career opportunities, working in the sustainable energy industry and advice on what it takes to succeed in their profession.

Assistant Accountant, Jane Lim said “The sharing session has motivated me to work towards my career success.”

All in all, jobsDB’s INFocus Night proved to be an informative and worthwhile experience for PMEs like yourself and we look forward to seeing you all at the next INFocus session!