jobsDB HireWatch Q3 2013 reveals 67% of employers in Singapore are hiring in the next three months


SINGAPORE, 16 SEPTEMBER 2013 – jobsDB, the leading online job portal, announced today the findings of its recent HireWatch Survey for Q3 2013 that canvassed the opinions of 233 companies in Singapore on their hiring plans and preferences in the coming months. Among other findings, HireWatch uncovered that holding a University degree is not the determining factor in securing a job in Singapore.

Interestingly, the Survey revealed that 67% of respondents will be hiring in the next three months, and a further 40% reported they would hire foreign talent. 81% of available positions are for junior executives, followed by 52% for entry level, 35% for senior executives, 24% for managers and 11% for top senior management.


According to the Survey, 70% of respondents prefer a certain level of education when hiring entry-level candidates. However, graduating with a university degree does not appear to be a determining factor in securing a job as shown by 74% of respondents preferring diploma holders, and a preference on degree holders coming in a close second.


The top reasons for hiring new graduates are: ‘they are easy to train’ (50%), ‘they are able to cope with fast paced environments’ (46%), and ‘they are eager to learn’ (46%). Adversely, the top reasons for choosing not to hire fresh graduates include ‘no suitable vacancies’ (67%) and ‘having too high salary expectations’ (33%).


The Survey uncovered that the most common mistakes made by new graduates when applying for jobs are ‘handing in a generic CV’ (42%), ‘including no photo or no current photo’ (35%), ‘a disorganised CV that is confusing and hard to understand’ (28%) and ‘grammatical mistakes in CV or cover letter’ (24%). Apart from these, common mistakes made during interviews that may cost candidates the job include, ‘not knowing about the company’ (51%), ‘demanding a higher salary and expecting certain benefits’ (40%), ‘showing up late for the interview’ (33%), and ‘asking about the salary and benefits straight away’ (31%). These results highlight the very fine line job seekers are treading between being too ambitious and too passive.

Reflective of Singapore’s swift and consistent economic growth, job vacancies for fresh graduates from local institutions include administration and office support (33%), sales (29%), engineering (22%) and accounting (18%).

Positions available to foreign talent include 77% for junior executives, 44% for entry level, 50% for senior executives, 24% for managers and 11% for top senior management. These findings highlight the competitive nature of the job market in Singapore.


Angeli Beltran, Managing Director of jobsDB Singapore and Malaysia, commented: “According to the findings of our survey, many of the reasons behind candidates being unsuccessful in securing a job are relatively easy to address. It is highly important for job seekers to understand what employers are looking for and more importantly, know their own strengths and how they can contribute to the role that they are applying for. Our survey findings have reinforced the importance of our position in the marketplace as the job portal with market-leading insight into the mindset of employers in Singapore. We take pride and place great importance in connecting employers with the right candidate for the job.”


About the jobsDB HireWatch Q3 2013 Survey


The jobsDB Singapore HireWatch Q3 2013 was conducted from 14 June – 17 July, canvassing the opinions of over 233 corporations in Singapore.


This report aims to provide information about the hiring plan and preference of employers in the coming months. A summary of preferences in hiring foreign talent, graduates of local institutions, and entry-level staff is also included.


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