The Job Search Attitude

The Job Search Attitude

The first in a series of articles presented by Kelly Services,

extracted from their publication “Best Foot Forward – A Guide for Job Seekers”

We have included this topic because we believe that all the job tips in the world cannot help an individual unless their attitude is right.

It is a well-researched fact that employers prefer to hire an employee with a positive mental attitude or ‘can do’ approach to work and enthusiasm will communicate itself to those around you.

We always recommend to job applicants to have an attitude that conveys the following message:

Somebody out there has a great …… it’s got to be me!

During your job search, constantly remind yourself of you capability to locate a suitable job and that there is a fantastic opportunity waiting for you. Discard all “negative” thoughts that are not supportive to your job search. Listen to advice and guidance that will help progress in your job search and not to unhelpful talk that will paralyse you with fear. Feat is not useful in a job search situation because it closes you down instead of opening you up to all the opportunities that exist out there.

The Job Search Attitude Checklist

1. Listen to what you are telling yourself, erase any message that may negate your job search efforts, for example, “it’s hard to find a job” … “it’s very competitive out there” … “nobody wants someone with my qualification”. This is not useful – STOP IT!

2. Find evidence around you to prove to yourself that you can find a great job. Read inspiring articles and talk to people who have ‘made it’.

3. Improve your knowledge on the industry or job that you are interested in.

4. Go out and meet people, who are happy in their jobs and find out the secret of their success.

5. Be committed to improve yourself. If you have the time, attend a self development program or read a good self development book. Employers generally like people who are self motivated and proactive in their own development.

6. Learn to self-manage your career. Find time to attend a career management workshop or read a good career management book. Quite simply. take ownership and responsibility for your career success.

The article is extracted from a publication by Kelly Services’ called “Best Foot Forward”. It is a 52 page guide for job seekers on job search tips. To obtain your very own copy of “Best Foot Forward”, please send an email to [email protected]

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