Job Hunting Trends: The Most Sought-After Jobs

Technology has brought about major changes in the job market scene over the past decade. Thanks to high-speed broadband, jobseekers now have increased access to information and improved connectivity, both at their desktops and on the go. In order to stay in pace, it’s critical that you take a proactive stance and be aware of the prevailing job market trends.

One of these trends is the most sought-after jobs in Singapore. According to data from surveys we conducted in February 2012, October 2012, and April-May this year, the most sought-after jobs in Singapore have remained fairly consistent.

If you’re looking to fill one of the Human Resources jobs, you represent the majority. At the top of the list is Admin & HR, with 18% of our respondents stating a preference for this line of work, up from 15% in February 2012.

At second spot is IT at 9%, this is followed closely by sales/business development/customer service at 8%, banking/finance, engineering and accounting, all tied at 6%.

(See chart below for complete results.) percentage

What do these figures mean to you? It’s important that you know how much competition you’re facing in your job search. If you’re looking for a job that’s more sought-after than others, you’re competing with more jobseekers. On the other hand, if you’re looking to fill one of the education jobs, hospitality jobs, construction jobs, aviation jobs, aerospace engineering jobs, and other lines of work that ranked low, you’re facing significantly less competition from other jobseekers.

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