Industrial and Systems Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) is a discipline that encompasses the identification, analysis and design of complex productive systems through an integrated or total approach, with efficiency and productivity improvement as its overall objective.

The application of industrial and systems engineering has been found in a wide range of areas covering from the manufacturing and logistics industries such as third party logistics, manufacturing, transportation, airline scheduling, plant location, warehousing and inventory control; defense industry in relation to support of military operations, to the service industry such as hospital management and banking service strategy.

For instance, the job titles held by graduates of the ISE Department at the National University of Singapore include Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing Manager, Manager of Corporate Real Estate and Facility Planning, Project Engineer, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Quality Systems Specialist, Quality Assurance and Reliability Manager, Systems Engineer, Research Engineer, Market Development Manager, Financial Engineer, Credit MIS and Policy Manager, Project Finance Coordinator, Management Associate in Corporate Finance, and Senior Statistician.

With more economies moving towards globalization, demand for logistics services will increase tremendously. There has also been a global trend in the demand for better quality products and services.

It is anticipated that many jobs in the areas of logistics and quality engineering/management will be created in the new millennium and ISE graduates are particularly well equipped for jobs in these two growing areas.

Typical job titles and sectors of employment of graduates in Industrial and Systems Engineering
Job Title
Key Industries/Sectors
  • Manufacturing, including MNCs and SMEs
  • Service-based industries, including logistics
Quality Engineer Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manufacturing, particularly in electronics and other high-technology industries
  • Companies that emphasize quality and reliability
Operations Analyst Systems Engineer Information Analyst
  • Ministry of Defense and defense-related sectors
  • Transportation, including land-based, seaport and airport operations
  • Service sectors such as telecommunication, utilities, airlines, banking, and hospitals
Business Planner Management Consultant Administrative Officer
  • Financial sectors
  • Engineering and management consulting
  • Civil service and statutory boards