Make your First Impression the Best One at a Job Interview

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Within the first few seconds, the interviewer would form an impression of you and it might just affect how the interview is carried out. This is the last thing you would like to see during a dream job interview.

Stephanie Chiew, Senior Manager of The Singapore Mint thinks that grooming of the candidate and confidence with how questions are being answered or questions that interviewee ask is important. It has to sound thought through and not plucked from the textbook, just to impress.

I suppose you already know how important first impression is when you are at the interview, now here is what you need to create that impressive first impression:

Research is important. Always be prepared for the interview. Find out more on the company and position you are being interviewed for. Research done is never a waste of effort, it will make you feel confident and look confident when you are being interviewed.

Dress appropriately. Try to find out what is the dress code for the company and dress appropriately for the position. At the very least, ensure your look is neat and clean. Remember your smile; it should be part of your look. Always greet your interviewer with a warm smile.

Never be late. This reflects on how you prioritize your task. It would be good to reach your destination 10 to 15 minutes before, so that you can give yourself a short while to calm down and not go into the interview in a rush mode, which will affect your performance.

Greet interviewer with a firm handshake. This is to show the confidence you have of yourself and to ensure your interviewer of that. During the handshake, thank them for giving you a chance to be there for the interview.

There you go. A few tips for you to create a good impression during the first few seconds of the interview. Impress them further with your knowledge and nail that job! All the best!


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