Importance of Friendship in the Workplace

importance of friendship in the workplace


In a recent jobsDB infographics to determine happiness at the workplace, we found that besides salary, the relationship with bosses and colleagues also ranked amongst the top determinants. 

Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours in an office, so having friends there to ease the stress of working life can be a real blessing. However, when making a fresh start at a new workplace, finding kindred spirits among your new colleagues may seem daunting. How do you go about forming a connection with your colleagues?

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Food as an ice breaker

There is a bonding that takes place when people share a meal together. Having a meal with friends build better bonds and also provides the perfect setting for an informal discussion through the members of the meal.

Especially with Singapore commonly known as a “Food Paradise” and where eating is almost becoming a past time, food is one of the best topics to engage someone in conversation, regardless of how long you have known each other.

Find a common interest

Everyone has their own hobbies or interests outside of work, such as sports, cooking or shopping! Probe your new colleague about her hobbies, passions and interests. Be sure to show genuine interest in what they are passionate about while sharing as well on what makes you tick. Focusing on an interest you both have in common can spark off a great friendship with the new colleague.

Be approachable 

It might sound obvious, but sometimes we forget to smile throughout the workday. This may be misinterpreted by your colleagues as being unfriendly. Remember, small gestures make a big difference. Make a sincere effort to remember your colleagues’ name and greet them when you see them. A simple “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” can improve their impression of you.

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