Identified: 5 Reasons Why Employees Quit


Many of today’s companies face the problem of losing employees. The issue of attrition is nothing new. What could be a bigger concern is that employees are increasingly willing to pack their bags and leave without, or at least a slight trace of hesitation at a moment’s notice.

So why do employees quit? This article talks about some of the most common reasons why even the best people throw in the towel and quit.

Too Little, Too Late

Employees cite Salary and compensation as one of the top reasons that drive job change. As economies are conservatively growing, there may still be companies that pay out less competitive salaries. At times, there are companies that only offer salary adjustments upon receiving letters of resignation from their employees. Unfortunately, this becomes another case of offering too little, too late.  By the time the offer is made, employees may either have fully decided on resigning or have signed on with a different company. This extend to non-monetary compensations too, such as sick and vacation leaves, medical and dental coverage, bonuses, commissions and the like. Once employees feel that they are not getting what they deserve, it is likely that resignation letters start to be filed.

No Relationship with the Boss

Employees may not always necessarily wish to be friends with the boss, however it would be beneficial to have a semblance of a relationship with them. Employees work with their line managers day in and out, and being able to interact with them. Who would want to work with someone with whom they are not able to get feedback from, bounce ideas with and atleast to some level of comfort be able to seek advice from? Relationships are an integral part of human social needs. If people can’t find it at work, or from their reporting managers, where do you think would they probably look for it?

Work Ceases to Be Challenging

People are always on the look out for new challenges. This drives their confidence and their passion. If work has become mundane, and ceases to present some sort of challenge, expect even the best employees may seek other areas to try out something different.

Lack of Recognition for Achievements

Recognition is an affirming emotion for successes be it big or small. Properly acknowledging good points and wins is a positive reinforcement that motivates and inspires to continue doing tasks well.

Ready to Explore Better Career Opportunities

Another reason why good employees leave is the pursuit for a step up in their careers. This normally takes place when they feel and realsie that they have learned enough about their current role and would wish to expand their horizons. Talent gain confidence as they master a particular skill set and would begin looking for areas to grow professionally.

The issue about employee retanbtion affects both the company, and the employee resigning. When an organization loses people, it requires effort in getting the right candidate fit. There has to be continous investment in recruitment and training. It is crucial that organizations, like yourself sustainably check how things are at work and ensure that the work place is conducive to realising the potential in your teams and encourage sustainable growth.