How Your Summer Job Can Help You Land A Career

As the summer winds down, you may be wondering if you really made the most of your time during the past few months. If you were (or are still) working a summer job, you definitely spent some of your hours wisely.

It doesn’t matter if that meant delivering takeout, scrubbing pans or facing pesky and indecisive customers – you stood to learn some super-valuable lesson that will pay off later in your real career. Here’s a rule of thumb: Every job has worth.


It’s normal for you to resume roles like a server, ice cream scooper or a lifeguard. This show future employers that you can hold down a job. Yes, they’ll hope you have had some key internship, but employers also look for proof that you will show up every day. By holding down a summer job, you show that you are reliable and consistent. These are two key traits not to be taken lightly.

Soft skills and people skills

By being in the service industry (or any industry, for that matter), you get schooled really quickly on dealing with people. Nothing is more valuable to employers than the ability to communicate and work well with all kinds of people. You will likely come away from your job with at least one or two examples of how you dealt with difficult situation, and that will go a long way with potential future employers.

Networking know-how

The relationships you make during summer jobs are valuable, yes, even when you’re just pumping gas. In addition to your boos, who can vouch for you being an excellent and responsible worker, you can also network with colleagues and customers. You never know, that the person you were working at the cash register with, might just end up working at your dream employer a few years from now. Connections are everywhere!

Instead of being a couch potato during the summer, try for a job in something you like and that interests you, and you will hopefully be able to reap the infinite rewards that summer jobs can provide.

Source: GettyImages (image)