How Can Exercise Makes You Better At Your Job

Exercise is hard work. It’s time-consuming. Your body aches. You smell bad. Why bother right? And yet there are reasons – good reasons – why people go to (and even sometimes love) the gym.

What have they discovered? What motivates them to work so damn hard? Why do they suffer through injuries, through misery?

Researchers have found that doing exercise can encourage individuals to perform significantly better with their work tasks. The following ten healthy exercise tips should be accounted for in a weekly routine to help improve your daily role:

1. Increasing energy

The more you move, the more energised you will feel. Therefore, regular cardio will help improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance this will give you the energy to think clearer and therefore you will be more likely to come up with new ideas.

2. Focus

Doing regular exercise can help sharpen your focus. Exercising can contribute to improving your brain in the short term, which raises your attention for two or three hours afterwards. Take the opportunity to exercise during your lunch breaks so that you can boost your focus.

3. Improve stamina

Squats, jumping, pull-ups and lunges with bicep curls are all exercises that take two separate movements and combine them together. These types of hybrids are an excellent way of get muscles working and stimulate your heart muscles, this in turn will improve your stamina.

4. Improve your mood

Exercise releases endorphins which are known to lift your mood and also improve memory. Even doing something like cycling can set you up to have a good day.

5. Help impulse control

Working executives have to make decision and work quickly. Exercising can help with prioritising and block out distractions, which can give them the opportunities to focus on the task at hand.

6. Improve endurance

Working executive have to work long hours while sitting still so by doing explosive movements in your workout, it can help challenge your strength, endurance and stamina, and handle stress.

7. Improve memory

Running or even lifting weights can help with memory as your body has become more active and challenging. A sharp memory will depend on how healthy the vitality of the brain is, so by exercising in this way you are increasing oxygen to the brain which reduces the risk of disorders that cause a lack of memory.

8. Increase productivity

Exercising will make you more productive and efficient, as it will improve work performance and time management. Even just a few minutes of exercise can achieve this.

9. Improve sleep quality

Regular exercise can also help you sleep better. As a working executive’s hours are long, getting a good night sleep is crucial.

10. Discipline

Having a regular exercise routine can help improve discipline, this, in turn will contribute to improving time management and your working routine. Time management is essential to balancing a busy work life. Try exercises where you are working against a time goal, exercises that aim to beat a target as this will help improve your time management.

Anyone can find excuses to stop. Find a reason to keep going.

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Source: Unsplash (image)