Holidays Mean Low Productivity, Or Does it?


‘Tis the season to be jolly and a reason to celebrate! But this is also the season of lower productivity in the workplace. Jobs are last thing on every employee’s mind, with Christmas shopping to do or going home to spend the holidays with their families taking precedence.

Realistically speaking, you can’t ignore their social obligations, yet you still have your bottom line to think about. What can you do?

Ride along with it and take advantage of this situation. Turn the slump into fun.


Drive productivity with incentives

With so many exciting activities in December and January and most of your workforce distracted by the holidays, it makes sense to combine both. Create a rewards system where employees gain incentives, like free tickets to Universal Studio’s Christmas Celebrations, once they reach their goals or targets.

Alternatively, you can offer a prize for the entire team or office when they collectively meet the combined quota. Take them out for a barbeque or even a nice meal at a restaurant.

Brainstorm, don’t execute new launches

Launching a new initiative during the holidays – unless it’s holiday-related – is almost impossible. The focus and attention you’ll need from your team will be divided between work and personal commitments.

Instead, use this period to brainstorm for new initiatives in the coming year. Think about it: your employees are in mood more relaxed than usual, and this will help in their creativity flow. Plotting your actions for the next 12 months can be a great work strategy to help you get through the holiday season.

Encourage employees to take breaks

December is a popular time for vacations. That also means that the rest of the team has to pick up the slack. If you find an employee overworking, especially to cover someone else, encourage them to take breaks. Getting burnt out only adds on to the already low productivity rate.

Let your team have longer lunch breaks on Fridays or give them an afternoon off to catch up on their shopping. A little relaxation can, after all, go a long way in energising employees.

Throw an office party

Besides Chinese New Year, Christmas is a huge occasion in the year that must be celebrated! Organise a party for the team. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – what most employees really want from these events is some downtime from work. This, in turn, will improve workplace culture, which is one of the biggest drivers for motivation in the office.

Use this time to also get to know your team better and show appreciation for them with Christmas gifts.


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