Why Hiring Interns Might Be Good For You


A change of perspective, a pair of extra hands, On-the-job trainees, Practicumers or most likely known as Interns, who are in pursuit of relevant experience for a career ahead might just be as beneficial to your business as your investment in taking them in.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Fresh perspective on things

Teams get used to certain ways of how things are done. Overtime, these would have an influence on work culture and form a set of norms-which may not always be the best approach on things. With developments rapidly happening, and the rate of how progress in and out of work are taking place; new ideas that may intrigue or even challenge from these relatively young individuals may bring back life to offices everywhere.

Just as a successful entrepreneur, Bob Parsons said “Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new” key to success is continuously doing better.

2. Eagerness to learn and be trained

Interns, who would have applied for roles with you, have most likely looked into the nature of what your business is about. Whether it is to fulfil a school requirement, or is meant to supplement pre-employment preparations; Interns would be more open to experience various functions and learn more about what their choice of industry has in store for them, and the career track ahead.

An opportunity for key people and high potential executives in your business to mentor these interns might be a good motive to inspire teams and add more value to the roles they hold

3. Willingness to Do more

Building on the previous point, their enthusiasm when properly channelled may positively contribute to the quality and type of output, given that proper guidance is provided. Driven individuals would tend to deliver more than what is expected.

Although we must emphasise that regardless of employment type, we work towards looking after our people’s welfare.

4. Technology-savvy

Has it been a challenge to find someone to work on digital campaigns, say management of social media or brainstorm for an online initiative? Let Interns take part. With the trend shifting from traditional marketing and advertising to new media, channels of communication have developed from only TV, Radio and Print to include Digital. Interns who are wide users of the internet and tend to be more familiar with the latest gadgets would be able to contribute to gathering insights and conceptualising possible new approaches to establish consumer awareness, foster engagement and influence action.

Given these reasons, seeing potential and investing in the right people would be mutually beneficial to delivering value to your team and as well as the next batch of talent going into the workforce.