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Incorporated in November 2000, High Achievers has grown from one business unit to a fully integrated turn-key learning solutions provider that designs, develops and delivers pedagogically sound and effective life-skills and character development programmes utilizing both outdoor and indoor learning platforms for Youths, Educators and Corporate Clients.

High Achievers is a team of dynamic individuals driven with passion and love to impact young lives. They are guided by 4 core values – Customer Centric, Synergistic Partnership, Passion for Excellence and Dynamic Relevance, to achieve their Corporate Vision of ‘Changing Lives.’

jobsDB speaks to 4 staffs from High Achievers to understand what motivates them and ignites their passion. JULIAN YANG – Learning Solutions Consultant

julian-high-achieversJulian, what is your job role like at High Achievers?

I’m a Learning Solutions Consultant at High Achievers, the first point of contact of High Achievers to our clients. As High Achievers is in the youth development industry, it is of utmost importance that I have a strong understanding of youth issues and youth development.

This understanding allows me to work in close partnership with my clients, creating cohesive programmes (built on High Achievers’ leadership, learning and life-skills modules), for the purpose of (1) challenging and shaping mindsets, (2) inculcating strong values such as integrity and hardwork, and (3) to build life-skills necessary for youths to flourish and succeed in the 21st Century.

What do you enjoy about your job at High Achievers?

High Achievers is about Changing Lives. I’m here because of the passion of seeing lives transform for the better as we prime youths for success.

The job is also certainly challenging as we have to constantly find the right ‘fit’ of programmes for the myriad of our clients, each with their own distinctive needs and obstacles. The satisfaction derived, both from watching and observing how the lives of the youths have changed and from the creation of these programmes, is priceless.

What is it like working at High Achievers?

It is difficult to work in a company that believes in ‘Changing Lives’ without your own being changed for the better first. Compared to my previous jobs, working here is much more fulfilling, for they allow you to make mistakes, to learn and to move on. The high level of trust, of mentoring, of the connection between effort and reward, and of inter and intra-departmental sharing is exemplary and remarkable. The company has certainly created an environment of growth and learning, that they are as dedicated as you in seeing you become successful.

What are your goals that you want to achieve with High Achievers?

To strengthen the company’s place further in the youth development industry, to grow personally in skill and in stature, and to groom and manage a team of intelligent, effective and passionate consultants.

yvonne-high-achieversYvonne, what is your job role like at High Achievers?

I am a learning and development consultant, also known as a Lifeskills Trainer, with High Achievers. We do training with students from schools all over Singapore and we train them in various Lifeskills such as relationship management skills, time management skills, study skills, leadership skills, sexuality education and even grooming and etiquette.

I do speak to teachers, school principals and parents too, to help them understand what we do and how they can complement what we have already done with their students/ children so as to increase sustainability of learning.

What do you enjoy about your job at High Achievers?

It is the fact that I am able to interact with many youths from schools all over Singapore, speaking nuggets of truth to them and helping to facilitate the growth and understanding that every individual has immense potential to excel in their lives, regardless of their family backgrounds, the previous ‘hard knocks’ which they might have gotten in the past.

I personally believe and have learnt from many successful people whom I have observed that having the right values in life is foundational for people to repeat their successes again and again. I am excited and so very glad that I can impart the right values to students in my trainings everyday!

It is a personal conviction of mine that I believe the more a person has received, the more a person ought to give back to society. Our students are very blessed to have been living in a safe and prosperous country such as Singapore, given excellent educational opportunities, catered to their learning potential and interests and ultimately, are primed to carve out a niche among the intelligentsia of the world. The fact that they have been given so much, the more they ought to give back and contribute to the less fortunate people in their home country and the world. I love the fact that I can influence my students through my interaction and training with them and challenge them to move out of their comfort zones and seek to add value to the world!

What is it like working at High Achievers?

I work with a very close-knit team of fellow trainers. Our bosses’ doors are always open for us to speak to them and they are concerned about both our personal and professional lives, always helping us to achieve optimal work-life balance. There is much laughter, fun, tears, sweat but we enjoy working with one another very much! In all that we do, we seek to do our best to help our students to grow, learn and excel. There is much inter-departmental collaborations and I am very proud to declare that we really live up to our vision in our working together – that we all want to change lives together!

What are your goals that you want to achieve with High Achievers?

I hope to work with more fellow educators and other stakeholders (such as principals, vice-principals, school counselors, parents and others) in the education industry so that the ‘ripple effect’ which I have always wanted to create, can be magnified. If I were to be the only one throwing the stone to create ripples, I can only do so much. But if I were to be able to influence more partners to be alongside with me, share my dreams and visions for these youths and together, throw stones with me… the ripple effect could be so much more powerful and impactful!

hajar-high-achieversHajar, what is your job role like at High Achievers?

My role as admin assistant is not just answering phone calls or attend to the visitor. As Admin support to our assigned business unit, we play a significant role in ensuring that all paperwork / arrangement is in place in order to have a smooth kick off at the operation side.

What do you enjoy about your job at High Achievers?

High Achievers is the place where I can get all the positive energy that I need in order to do well in my daily work. From my past experience working in other companies, I’ve never got the chance to see and feel the positive environment. I now feel fortunate to be part of High Achievers.

Apart for my routine tasks, I have also been provided with ample opportunities to enhance and enrich my potential. I assist in HR recruitment procedures (it can be quite tedious at times but nevertheless it allows me to interact with a lot of young people) where I have learned a lot of new things. I was also recently provided with the opportunity to facilitate an International Community Involvement Project in Cambodia for a school. When I read the student’s feedback after their trip, I know that we are able to fulfill our vision of “Changing Lives”.

What is it like working at High Achievers?

The working experience that I have with High Achievers is a learning journey for me. I am given the chance to explore myself and realize the abilities that I have which can be used as a contribution to the success of High Achievers.

I enjoy the opportunities to be able to interact and build relationship with my colleagues and other professionals like educators, vendors with whom I interact frequently and gain useful insights and working experiences.

What are your goals that you want to achieve with High Achievers?

I would like to have the opportunity to continue to contribute to the company in whatever form I can. I hope I can grow in High Achievers to be a more efficient staff and give full commitment to the task that is given to me and to be a better person. Despite of handling mundane or challenging task, I believe that I will continue to portray a positive attitude and able to complete the task by showing good result and set a standard of excellence in the final outcome. I believe that the secret of success in life is for me to be ready for the opportunity when it comes.

Michelle-high-achieversMichelle, what is your job role like at High Achievers?

As an Accounts Assistant, dealing with numbers everyday is not an easy job, the cheques need to be banked-in on time, meet all my deadlines etc. I am responsible for everything I do. To do my job better, I not only need to learn more about my scope of work but I also need to learn better and know everything around me as much as possible. I don’t put any limitations on what I need to know and I try to put in as much efforts and love in my work to be able to enjoy it.

What do you enjoy about your job at High Achievers?

The fulfillment of a job well done. What I like most besides interacting with the people around me every day in the office is the experience of building a good relationship with them even though I am a foreigner here from Philippines. Having a lot of friends at work is what I really appreciate and I am very thankful that these people welcome me, gave me the chance to be part of High Achievers.

What is it like working at High Achievers?

High Achievers is a new working environment for me. In my previous job when I was back in the Philippines, every day I did the same routine and mundane 3-step job as a Toll-teller. First, I need to smile & greet, second, collect & give change, third, say thank you & goodbye to the motorists passing by my lane. Every day was tough as I had to work in shifts.

A big difference as compared to where I work now as people around me help me to see and prove to myself that I can do better. My fellow colleagues are very supportive of me and I also get to go for training to upgrade myself, that’s why High Achievers really helps me to improve myself.

What are your goals that you want to achieve with High Achievers?

I wish to improve on my knowledge and experience in finance and accounting areas and I believe High Achievers has given me a good platform to reach my goals. Despite all the challenges that come my way with regards to work, I still want to be part of High Achievers for continually building my foundation of knowledge, strength, develop skills with virtue & dignity for Changing Lives!

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