Not Getting Applicants? Take a Look at Your Job Description

A survey done by jobsDB last year
showed that job descriptions on job websites are still the number one source for job seekers to find a job in Singapore. Yet, you might not get enough applicants for your job ad.

Before you start brainstorming for creative ways to attract top local talent, ensure that you have the basics right down to a pat. Take a look at your job description – do you think it’s something you would want to apply to if you were a job seeker?

The job description is what drives job seekers to apply for your job ad. When worded properly, your job ad can attract the right candidate for the job. To help you get started, here are some thinking points to consider:

Does your job ad state what your company does clearly?

This is the first thing that draws your job seekers to view your ad. They want to know who they are applying to, and what the company does. So ensure that the nature of your business is plainly explained.

Does the job position make sense?

Coming up with a humourous job title might do the trick of getting job seekers in. But if the job position doesn’t clearly portray what the employee is supposed to do, applicants might skip your job ad altogether.

What is the area of focus for this role?

Out of all the duties included in this role, which of them is the most important? This has to be very clear (your top point). To further emphasise this focus, state who and which department this role will report to.

What are the top three things about this job that is interesting or unique?

Think about your job ad as a, well, advertisement. You’re selling this role to job seekers. Think about what makes this job different from others, and include it in the job description.

Is having a degree important to the job scope?

Look at your job scope. Is it necessary for the employee to have a degree to fulfil the tasks? Diploma holders these days are as capable as degree holders, and by opening up your job description, you’re increasing your chances of having more applicants.

What are the key skills required to do this job?

Be very specific. If you need someone who is well-versed in a particular computer programme, state it clearly in the job description. If the job requires the employee to go out of the office to meet people, include that in the requirements. This segment of the job description is most crucial for getting a candidate you don’t have to spend a lot of time training.

What are the benefits your company offers?

Think of this as another selling point for setting your company apart from the rest. This includes company sponsored trainings (the top factor of unhappiness in the workplace), more than average vacation days and dental coverage.

Where is the role based?

Job seekers would rather choose a job that is convenient for them to travel to.

What is the monthly salary for this job?

Salary is the number one factor for job consideration amongst Singaporean job seekers. Including what you’re willing to offer (whether the exact figure or a range) will help boost your chances of more applying.

Have you proofread your job ad?

Just as you would expect resumes from applicants to be error-free, your job ad should be free of any spelling or grammatical errors.


Source: Marcie Casas (photo)

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