The Fashionable Art of Nonchalance: Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura is an Italian word defined as “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”. It is also defined as “studied carelessness”.

Millennials are living in the age of “not-trying” trying. Out is the man whose meticulousness is worn on his well-tailored sleeve, and in is the one who can pass a “just woken up like this” rugged look. These effortless look is topped off with an air of confidence.

Gents, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Here’s how to mix and match your closet with basics.

Tee up the suit

Made cool by creatives and fashion types, the tip for this combination is to ensure that your suit is well-tailored, with a slim-fit jacket, and trousers that are streamline; running along the lines of the leg without being skinny.

This pared-down tailored look is all about minimalism, so opt for a neutral block coloured suit and don’t be afraid to play around with hues. Keep the t-shirt length to waist length or casually tucked in. then go without a belt, and no socks – accentuating the casual chic.

Blazer over denim jacket

The denim needs to be a perfect fit in a raw or classic wash. Unstructured, slim fit blazers work best with this look and stick to lightweight linen pure cotton, and polyester-wool blend fabrics.

Layer the blazer snugly over your denim jacket, which should always be worn with a button shirt undone. Keep the blazer unbuttoned always, and sway between buttoning or opening the denim jacket, depending on mood.

Suit and sneaker game

This look is an evolution of sport’s influence on tailoring. Again, the suit needs to be sharp and smooth, without abstract or brazen prints. White tees work with this look, but the formality of an Oxford shirt is a better combination; worn tucked in, unbuttoned and no tie.

Keep the silhouette of the sneaker low-cut and clean. White sneakers are the best with this look: letting the hue pop like a light under your trousers. Lose the socks and you’ll be set.

Suit shorts for a cool combo

This combination is the least common of the casual and formal dressing. But done well and paired with a right blazer, the summer-y short can look like a million bucks. Go for separates as opposed to a matching jacket-and-short suit. Make the statement part of the jacket in colour or print while keeping the short in a neutral tone.

The short length needs to be just above the knee and retain the properties of a tailored pant: slim fit, structured pockets, and be of cotton, linen or polyester-blend. Pair the look with shirt or tee, and opt for sneakers with no socks. Play around with neckwear like a neck scarf to continue the tailored holiday look.


As tempting as it may be to ditch anything tailored for baggy casual pieces in this Singapore’s summer heat, certain calendar event will require you to scrub up well. Note down these pairings and you’ll be breezing effortlessly from a gallery opening to a night out with your friends.


Source: D’MARGE