What to Expect of Hiring in 2015


Employee Retention: Job Hopping on the Rise

In our HireWatch 2014-2015 survey of over 470 Singaporeans and PR, it was found that 20% of employees are actively looking for a new job and 61% are exploring for a better opportunity.

Of those employed, 35% have switched careers in the last two years, with a “lack of opportunities” cited as the top reason for the decision. According to 2015 Talent Trends Briefing done by MRIC Group, job hopping will increase this year, with 4% more professionals trying to make a job change compared to a year ago.

jobsDB has also uncovered that salary compensation is not the key factor for dissatisfaction in the workplace. Instead, employees weren’t happy with the number of “company sponsored trainings” with a rating of 4.8 out of 10. “Lack of opportunities for promotion” (4.84) and “pay dissatisfaction” (5.61) were the next two factors for unhappiness on the list.

The National Workplace Happiness Survey conducted by Singapore Human Resources Institute and Align Group have classified Singaporean employees as “under happy” in the workplace.

From the data provided above, there are many things that companies can do to increase happiness in the workplace. As a hiring manager, finding solutions and ways to make the workplace happier for your employees should be the first step in your retention plan for 2015.

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Employee Recruitment

Job seekers believe that having work experience in a related field (4.25 out of 5), the ability to cope with stressful situations (4.03) and years of experience (4.01) are the most important factors for getting hired in Singapore. 

On their side of the hiring process, the top three most important considerations when looking for a job are salary (4.37 out of 5), work-life balance (4.17) and career advancement (4.16). Interestingly, while salary shouldn’t be a priority for retention, it holds most weight in recruitment.

The MRIC report has found that 30% of Singaporeans did not receive an increment in pay at their new jobs, while 32% received 11 to 20 per cent more compensation. 16% had a 1 to 10 per cent increase while another 16% had a 21 to 30 per cent increase.

These findings highlight that salary is the most important factor in getting a candidate to work for you. Keeping that in mind, your hiring and retention plans for 2015 should be easier to create and craft.

Happy New Year, and all the best to fulfilling your hiring needs!


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