Eliminate Anxiety during Job Interview

When you get the invitation to that long-awaited interview, you will be excited about it. However, you realise the excitement doesn’t last long. For some reason, fear creeps up to you as the interview date draws nearer.

It is common to feel this way, even for experienced candidates, as every interview is unique and you are uncertain what is going to happen. Here are some ways to ease those fears:

Think positive.

When you start thinking of unexpected problems that might happen, negative thoughts will get the better of you. Be sure of yourself and exude confidence. Remind yourself there is a reason for being shortlisted for the interview.

Prepare yourself for the interview. 

It is important to research on the company and position you applied for. This reduces your anxiety as you will be more confident answering the interview questions. You may also prepare answers for standard questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “What is the reason you left your previous job?”.

Another area that you would need to prepare yourself for is the route to your interview location. Always find out what is the most convenient and fastest route at least one day your interview so you can plan your time and prepare yourself for the journey.

Don’t stress yourself.

Putting too much stress on yourself will only increase anxiety. If you are feeling nervous, take deep breaths to calm yourself down before the interview. It will help relax the mind and improve your thought process. Do not feel discouraged if you did not perform to expectation. Instead, continue to be on the lookout for other job opportunities.  

Source: Ryan McGuire (Photo)

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