Eight Essential Interpersonal Skills

Eight Essential Interpersonal Skills

In this information age and competitive job environment, do you know what skills sets you need apart from job knowledge and qualifications, which are crucial to survival and success?

The answer is interpersonal skills or people skills. According to Melvin Silberman, Ph.D., author of People Smart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence, studies have shown that poor people skills have led to a high percentage of firings and that “a person can be trained in how to do a job better but poor people skills are a greater liability.” People skills are considered to be four to six times more important than intellectual skills – in the office as well as out of it.

Mr. Silberman cited eight essential interpersonal skills:

1. Understanding

Ability to see the other person’s point of view and to ask open-minded questions of others which make people less likely to be defensive.

2. Expressing yourself

Get to the point quickly and precisely to avoid confusing people.

3. Assertiveness

Don’t beat around the bush. Speak up and focus on what you wish to convey and what you want from the other person.

4. Provide feedback

Convey that you are receptive to ideas and what others have to say. Provide constructive feedbacks rather than judgments

5. Influencing others

Influence others to accept your ideas by developing a genuine rapport with them.

6. Reconciling differences

Deal with conflict in an open manner and seek agreement through compromise. Be a problem solver.

7. Team Building

Set goals for team achievement rather than personal achievement to increase productivity and connectivity. Permit dissenting views to be heard.

8. Switching gears

Be sensitive and ready to change when relationships are unproductive. Don’t get stuck in old and set ways. Allow “change” to work in time.

(Ref: from an article by Hara Marano)

Is it time for you to review your people skills? Treat it like a work-out program. Work on it and build on it. Good people skills will not only bring out the best in you but also the best in others!

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Source: Job Seeker Newsletter, jobsDB.com, Hong Kong