Dressing Right for the Creative Workspace – Male Edition

Say goodbye to the boring, old offices of yesteryears. Thanks to the shifting norms in company culture, today’s offices allow employees greater flexibility in terms of when they work, where they work, and what they wear to the office.

In some ways, this is a perk. Forget the stuffy suits, the dry-cleaning appointments, the tight collars and the restricting ties. But, more freedom can also make it more difficult to dress in the morning. When there’s no company dress code, what do you wear to work? How casual is too causal?

The questions abound. But do read on for tips on what to wear to work based on your personality.


For the Tactical Gamer

Just think of pairing this shirt with black jeans, a hoodie, sneakers and add a headphone to complete your ensemble, and you are sure to level up in the style department – 10,000 points guaranteed.

Walk around the office with your co-workers and increase your chances of victory at slaying bosses (pun intended) with this attire set bonus. Mission accomplished.





For the Health & Fitness Addict

The gym is where we’ll find you most of the time. Stay cool (another pun, see what I did there?) with a pure cotton shirt that draws all eyes on you when you flex those muscles.

Should you not be at the gym, rock this shirt at the office with a blazer and a pair of chino shorts. Note: play it safe by keeping the colours neutral so you can remain work appropriate.





For the Artistic Soul

There’s a spark that flickers within all of us. Sometimes it dims, put out occasionally by the cruel world. Sometimes it burns and burns and catches fire. That fire spreads far and wide, bringing joy to the eyes of many through different mediums.

An aesthetically pleasing soul like yours needs to be paired with a contemporary subculture shirt. Go to work while still in your comfort zone with a denim jacket, chino shorts, and white sneakers.




For the Café Lover

Cafés are more than just about having brunch at pocket-friendly prices. It’s about the chill atmosphere and unhurried people. Complete the serene look with this simple shirt – the ultimate canvas for self-expression.

Head straight to work after brunch, fully relaxed in a blazer, a pair of dress shoes, a cup of black coffee, and a box of donuts on hand. Never, ever forget the donuts.




For the Free Spirit

The one in the office who is always up for anything. He is the one who comes barging in on Monday morning, fresh from a crazy weekend outing in some remote beach or mountains.

He is the ball of life and fun, bringing laughter into the otherwise boring meeting. A wild soul, he decks himself head to top in a carefree outfit of a plain shirt and pants that speaks a thousand personalities.




Source: Y&J (photos)


It pays to stock up on basics that can be mixed and matched to produce looks that still portray your character. Don’t forget to play on textures, colours and styles once in a while – fashion is meant to be played with and enjoyed!

So what are your go-to basic fashion formulas? Share your answers below.



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