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Well-positioned at the heart of a growing Asia, DBS embraces the dynamism of Asia, and bridges Asian markets for consumers and businesses through our extensive network in the region. As a bank that specialises in Asia, we leverage our deep understanding of the region, local culture and insights to serve and build lasting relationships with its clients. DBS provides the full range of services in corporate, SME, consumer and wholesale banking activities across Asia and the Middle East. We are committed to expand our pan-Asia franchise by leveraging our growing presence in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to intermediate the increasing trade and investment flows between these markets. Likewise, DBS is focused on extending our end-to-end services to facilitate capital within fast-growing countries in Indonesia and India. DBS acknowledges the passion, commitment and can-do spirit in each of its 14,000 staff, representing over 30 nationalities.

Russell Mok is the Vice-President of Technology & Operations – Customer Centre


Russell, why did you choose to work in DBS?

I made my foray into Banking with DBS more than a decade ago, and it was also at the same time that DBS and POSB were merging. It has been a very enriching career journey with DBS so far and I enjoy my current role at the bank as well.

What is your job like?

As the Head of Operations in the Customer Centre, I take care of the daily operations at the Centre, and ensure that customers get to speak to agents with the right skills to address their banking needs.

What is it like being a part of the Customer Centre?

There is never a dull moment! The Customer Centre offers a 24 X 7 service to our customers and we get to meet people from various walks of life in the course of our work as well. In addressing our customers’ needs and concerns, we are able to make a positive difference to their lives, which I find very rewarding at the end of the day.

There are also constant learning opportunities at the customer centre. We are given regular coaching sessions which helps us improve our skills to handle the operations more efficiently and effectively.

Most importantly, it’s not just about work at the Customer Centre. Yes, we work hard, but wed also play hard. Like most Asians, our biggest indulgence is food! Without fail, there is always a buffet during every festive period i.e. CNY, Hari Raya, Christmas and Deepavali where we all get together like a big family at a dinner table to chill-out while sampling delicious food!

What do you enjoy about working as Vice-President of Technology & Operations – Customer Centre?

I have a great team and it’s fulfilling to be working with a team of like-minded and talented individuals. We are in a great position where we have the opportunity to “Sense” customers needs and “Respond” to them which helps the bank to fine-tune and improve the entire banking experience for our customers. We aspire to be a ‘branch in the air’ – like a virtual branch.

What have been the highlights in your career in DBS?

I am very fortunate to have been able to rotate between front-end and back-end roles in my career at Customer Centre. And this has given me the breadth of knowledge and experience to have a complete end-to-end understanding of customer service operations. It has also helped me understand our customers’ and their needs better.

Another highlight would be the opportunity I got to pursue my MBA part-time while working, which is something that’s not available in many companies. With the opportunity and support given to me by DBS, I completed my MBA in 3 years.

What qualities do you look for in a candidate keen to join Customer Centre?

Someone with the ‘fire’ and drive to succeed. He or she must also have the perseverance and humility to serve.

Mohamed Yusuf Ali Jina is an Assistant Vice-President, Technology & Operations – Credit Operations


Jina, why did you choose to work in DBS?

After graduating with a Banking & Finance Diploma from Singapore Polytechnic, I chose to work at DBS because it is the largest local bank which gives fresh graduates and diploma holders the chance to get the necessary experience and exposure to start their career in banking. Along the way, I have been steadily growing in my career with the DBS family for the last ten years.

What do you enjoy about working in all the service roles in Customer Centre?

It’s the ability to interact with people from all walks of life – from the ‘Heartlanders’ to the most affluent customers. As DBS is a very popular bank with all Singaporeans, it’s possibly the best bank to work as well as we are able to gain a strong grounding and knowledge about Singapore’s banking industry in important areas such as consumer behaviour, customers’ needs and expectations as well.

Furthermore, working in the Customer Centre is probably the best training ground for any new recruits as you get the opportunity to learn about everything that the bank does. In other words, it enables you to ‘connect the dots’ within all the bank’s different departments and processes.

What’s more, you are also in a good position to provide the bank with valuable feedback directly from the customers’ to help facilitate improvements in the bank to better serve the customers.

What is your job like?

I recently moved into my new role in Credit Operations, whereby I head the Merchant Services team. I take care of the teams that handle the relationship with our credit card merchants, ranging from account creations to payments. The great thing is that I still get to interact with customers like the bank’s merchants, internal departments that we are supporting, and many others.

What is it like being a part of DBS?

It’s like being part of a big family here. I also like the values that DBS instills in its employees, such as having a passion, respecting customers, elders and colleagues, having integrity in your work, being dedicated to your team, bosses and colleagues, and to have the confidence to excel in everything you do.

When your job’s core values are strong and clear like so, it really inspires you to help DBS work to becoming the best bank in Asia and worldwide as well. Regardless of your educational background or interests, DBS is ready to help its staff fulfill their ambitions.

What have been the highlights in your career in DBS?

Joining DBS itself was a big highlight for me. I was a foreign student then, and was glad for the opportunity given as I believe they chose candidates based on their merits and ability to best fit the position they were trying to fill, regardless of race, nationality etc.

And every internal movement within the Customer Centre was itself a highlight, as it was an opportunity to learn something new. I had a chance to learn and do something new virtually every year of my stay here. Now, that’s really growing in every sense – in terms of career and personal development as well.

What qualities do you look for in a candidate keen to join DBS?

Someone who has and believes in the DBS values of P.R.I.D.E.

  • Passionate and committed
  • Values Relationships
  • Integrity and respect
  • Dedicated to teamwork
  • Confidence to Excel through commitment and service

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