Types of Workplace Personalities – Part 2

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The Gossip

How to spot them: Have you heard about what happened to you-know-who during the latest meeting? Who’s dating who? He or she knows it all. Some can be the type who pulls stories out of their hats for shock value. Others spend their office hours discussing about other folks with gusto.

How to deal with them: Be on the lookout for their whereabouts. They are probably huddling up in the pantry or dropping by another cubicle to disseminate their brand of info. If certain gossip comes your way, be responsible by not passing it along. Take whatever you hear with a grain of salt. If you happen to be the subject of the gossip, confronting the source is the way to go.


The Vacuum

How to spot them: The vacuum’s game is to kiss up to move up, especially to their boss or someone higher up in the organization. Their words are sweet. And yes, they may even step on a few others on the way.

How to deal with them: This person’s agenda-filled interaction with the higher-ups may or may not get them to their next level; leave them alone. It is probably time to highlight your feats for a change, your superiors probably need a reminder about what you have done to get the recognition you deserve.


The Complainer

How to spot them: If complaining were a method that would drive a company’s profits and boost its goodwill among its stakeholder, then they’d be an asset. But as experience tells us, it is not a lot of fun to being around individuals who always find something to rant about. These people complain because they may fall under one of the few of the following labels: bored, disgruntled, busy or unhappy with their work.

How to deal with them: Don’t join the pity party. A more proactive and straight-forward strategy is to talk instead about possible solutions to their raised issues.


The Politician

How to spot them: The Politician can take on many forms. There is the backstabbing type who tricks you into thinking you are friends – that is until they speak behind your back or plagiarize your ideas.

How to deal with them: Keep your guard up. If you happen to know who to be weary of, never trust the person’s machinations. Take whatever they say with a huge grain of salt.


The Slacker

How to spot them: The Slacker is your office’s version of a mirage – giving the impression that he is at work but passes on tasks to others. They give the image of being actual contributors to the team.

How to deal with them: Ignore if they have nothing to do with you, raise this as a concern if they do. If working under you, slackers need monitoring, clear deadlines, and crystal-clear key results areas.


The Newbie

How to spot them: These newer folks may be fresh grads or just folks with a fresh start at your company.

How to deal with them: Don’t they remind you of yourself when you were just starting your career? It’s time to pay it forward and embrace your role as a mentor – time to take someone under your wing. Do something for the newly-hired or newly-graduated newbie that he will be thankful for in the future. Make sure that every workday is an opportunity to learn something new.


The Demanding Boss

How to spot them: You’ve done your best and gave 110% but for this kind of boss, it is still not good enough. He or she is armed with out-of-this world expectations. They can be overbearing or even feel mean. You feel that your work-life balance has already been disrupted.

How to deal with them: Assess the relationship with this tough boss; it may not necessarily mean it’s time to quit. Another option is to have an honest and open dialogue to get you and your boss on the same page. Others strive to understand their boss works a certain way, and treat the situation as a learning experience.


Ah, the workplace! What a fun and colourful place to be in, right? Strive to understand your work colleagues’ personalities. By doing so, here’s hoping it can transform your office into the most productive place it can become.


Source: Rappler (image)