Coping with the New Job

Coping with the new job


After all the search, numerous applications and interviews, you finally received the long awaited job offer.  However, once the initial excitement settles, the reality of starting a new job can stir deep feelings of anxiety. Here are some tips for you to manage the stress of a new job:

Put best foot forward

Treat the first 3 months as an extended interview. As a newbie, your performance will be constantly monitored and evaluated by your superiors and peers. Put in discretionary effort or volunteer to take on extra tasks or responsibilities to demonstrate enthusiasm and the thirst for knowledge. Don’t be too shy in asking for help. No one expects you to know everything during your first few days on the job, so ask for help when you need it.

Dress appropriately

Never underestimate the importance of dressing professionally in your new job. Identify the dress code that is appropriate for your office and select clothing that fits in.

Other than your outfit, the way you present yourself is very important too. The simple act of smiling, making eye contact and initiate greetings can influence your colleagues’ impression of you positively.

Make some office friends

Having good relationship with colleagues increases workplace happiness. Workplace friends can feel like family whom you share your triumphs and woes with. However, do not try too hard to join into social groups that have already been formed. Just be genuine and sincere and give your co-workers the chance to like you just as you are.

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