Congrats, You’re Graduating! What Should You Do Next?


Alexa von Tobel, founder of financial site LearnVest, once remarked that “for many, graduation marks the end of formal student life – the end of long spring breaks and of thinking that a 10 am class is far too early.”

And she is right. Graduation is the beginning of a new life completely different from what you’ve become accustomed to. It might be a scary world out there – you might even wonder what the next steps are for you in a tight labour market like Singapore’s.

Think about it this way, though: every person with a career you know has gone through what you’re about to go through. If they can do it, so can you. But to help you along, we’ve come up with the following essential tips that will prove useful to you for kick starting your career.

Build your resume

The first task you’ll have to work on is to write a resume, and in order to do so, you’ve got to get a little work experience under your belt. Apply for an internship, volunteer in the community or find a part-time job. You might be working for no or little money, but you’re working for experience above all else.

Consider jobs or organisations within the field that you are interested in. Even if that’s not possible, there are experiences you will obtain along the way that will beef up your resume. For example, any leadership opportunities you were given as a barista should be highlighted under your work experiences.

Grow your network

Know someone who had an interview opportunity because he knew people in the industry? Business connections are important, whether for helping you out with landing your first job or down your career path when you need help.

If you’re looking to work or volunteer, you’re already one step ahead. The people you meet during your time there can help you grow your network. You can also look out for meetups or networking events that you’re interested in attending.

Create a brand for yourself

Utilise the internet and social media platforms to stand out from all the other job seekers by creating your brand online. Start a blog or a website. Regularly update your social media profiles and contribute to discussions. Get your name in on search engines.

It’s a good idea to clean up your social media profiles – remove pictures or posts that might be inappropriate or put your reputation in question.

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