Coffee & Insights: Engage Effectively to Retain Talent

In this highly competitive, fast-changing and volatile global economy, nothing gives a company more assurance of its ability to succeed or remain successful than the comfort of having a great pool of talent in its organization. Talent is difficult to define.  Talent usually means different things to different organisations depending on their business, operations and goals but regardless of what talent means to your organization, you want to attract it and retain it.

There are many factors that attract and retain talent and despite recognizing different strokes for different folks, there are some universal elements that help attract and retain talented employees.  One of the top items if not the top most item on this list is invariably effective engagement.

Join Sheela to delve into why effective engagement is the best tool in your tool box to retain talent.  The key word is here “effective”. If an organization engages its stakeholders well, it achieves great results quickly and effective engagement need not slow down operations or business as is the usual grouse from leaders who are reluctant to make engagement a pillar of their corporate culture.

Sheela will share her unique insights on what effective engagement means within a backdrop of the characteristics of good-to-great companies based on a highly regarded and respected empirical study undertaken in the US.


Sheepa Awat


Ms Sheela Awat


InSight Academy

Sheela Awat is a seasoned and business savvy legal counsel with extensive experience across Asia-Pacific spanning 25 years.

Conducting seminars and training workshops on various subjects for officers, employees and civil servants, Sheela brings a very interactive business-oriented practical approach to her seminars and workshops.

She is currently working with business associations, government bodies, judiciary bodies, professional associations as well individual organizations on their training requirements.


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