Challenges Employers Face When Hiring Fresh Graduates

One of the biggest challenges that fresh graduates face is finding the right type of job. Many employers actively recruit fresh graduates because they know they’ll be a great asset to the company in the future. We often find several of these companies partnering up with local schools so as to hire the best and brightest students.

Even though these companies are able to reach for the brightest stars first-hand, they still face a lot of challenges when looking for the right people to join their organization.

Heavy competition

When it comes to hiring new talents, it’s no-brainer that companies want to hire only the cream of the crop. Many employers will likely target the top colleges and universities, making it harder for a single company to recruit new talents. In order for these companies to improve their chances, they often offer higher pay and attractive packages to get an edge on their competition. With the competition so high, there’s always the threat of new hires being taken away just after one year.

Keeping the talent

New graduates know when they get hired by a company that their success will be capped as they often have to sign lengthy contracts. The contracts limit their mobility within the company, hence, limiting their growth and profit margins. Fresh graduates recognize this so are working to gain experience and quickly leave right after to pursue a higher position. In the end, companies are faced with the challenges of replacing employees after they’ve invested so much resources into their progress.

Cracking under pressure

Being hired right after graduation, fresh graduates have a lot of pressure on them to perform. They have been brought in due to their exceptional skills and companies are hoping they’ll increase revenue, diversify products, etc. This kind of pressure cause them to crack and they don’t perform the way they are expected to. This leave companies with under-performing employees as they are not allowed to terminate a contract. To improve the situation, they will put the employees through various training program, which cost the company a significant amount of resource.


Hiring the best right out of colleges and universities have its perks. However, some companies still have problems with employee loyalty. Hiring too quickly may cause one to overlook character, which is extremely important in the hiring process. What if the person that you hired can’t be trusted with confidential information? What if their loyalty is placed somewhere else and they are merely using this employment opportunity as a stepping stone?

It’s hard attracting the best to your company and keeping them there, especially with so much competition. You’re bidding to win a graduate to join your team. It can be a huge asset hiring fresh perspectives into your organization. However, do note that at the same time you are getting inexperienced graduates. Should you ever plan on hiring fresh graduates direct from schools, do your research and plan ahead accordingly.


Source: Unsplash (Image)