Career Lessons You Learned From School

“When am I ever going to use this?” You’ve definitely asked yourself this age-old question one too many times. I did too – this question keeps popping into my head when I was studying for my finals. From the ins and outs of calculus derivatives to the historical timeline of World War II, it seems like half of what we studied has no use, at all whatsoever, once we leave the hallowed halls of school life.

While you may be right in thinking that not everything you learn will directly apply to your future job, you’ve certainty acquired some intangibles that’ll only boost your job search game.


The temptation of technology will always be just a tap away

The Internet is like a little devil on your shoulder, constantly trying to lure you away from whatever assignment you are working on. Sadly, checking your social media platforms, watching videos and reading up on entertainment news won’t advance your job search, so do your best to keep browsing to a minimum when you should be focusing on writing that cover letter.

The importance of time management will never diminish

Although you may have gotten away with handing in a few papers here and there, deadlines are 100% firm in job search. And this time, the person giving you an “incomplete” is you. The more you slack on sending in applications and resumes, the less likely you are ever to land a job. So how so you ensure you’re on top of your game? Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize.

Failure and rejection will happen

You aren’t going to land every position you apply for, and unfortunately, the companies may never give you feedback to help you understand their decision. So, it’s up to you to self-evaluate what happened and what you can do to improve for the next round. Think back to the time when you received a poor grade. Why? Did you not study enough? Maybe you studied the wrong material? The job search is no different.

Don’t forget about your mental health

Feeling jobless can sometimes dominate all aspects of your life. Every waking second of the day, you feel as though you should be doing something to land yourself a job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than leaving the whole day wide open to work on applications, limit yourself to a window of time where you are absolutely committed to getting specific tasks done. That way you can ensure other aspects of your life don’t fall to the wayside.

Communication skills are key

Remember the first day of school when you had to introduce yourself to a dozen of strangers, some of whom became your close friends? That’s what job search process is like: pitching yourself to a handful of potential employers, searching for the one that is going to be a successful match. To give off the best impression, you’re going to want to perfect both your written and oral communication skills. Be concise, consistent and carry yourself with a strong presence.



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