Can’t Find Candidates? Think about Hiring an Intern Instead

With more restrictions on hiring foreign talent, employers have to turn to creative ways to find manpower to fill the open positions of jobs in Singapore. One way to do so is by turning to the country’s young and bright minds, the interns.

Hiring interns isn’t a short-term move; an internship has the potential to turn into a full-time position. In fact, having an intern in your company can be very beneficial for you.

1. Interns are enthusiastic about learning

Fresh out of school and eager to gain some work experience, interns are willing to learn about what the industry they are interested in applying for. Not only will it help you with different aspects of a job scope, it will also give you the opportunity to mentor a group of people who soak up any wisdom you impart. This mutual give-and-take relationship benefits both parties involved.

2. Interns bring new ideas to the table

When you’ve been in a company for a period, you might become accustomed to the processes when approaching a project. This, while something you’ve been doing since you entered the company, might not be the best way to come ahead of your competitors. Ideas are evolving much faster than before, and here’s where the interns might provide a little help – they can bring new ideas or even propose new angles to a project you’ve been struggling with for some time now.

3. Interns will go the extra mile

Because they know their positions in the company are short-term, they work harder to show you that they have the capabilities that make them a good fit for the team. On top of that, these interns might be depending on a good performance review in order for a good grade at school. Whatever their reasons might be, they are generally a bunch of young people who are eager to learn and eager to impress you with their work.

4. Interns are well-versed with technology and new media

Having grown up with smartphones, social media accounts, and other new technologies, this new generation of folks has a better grasp of technology than the rest of us. Make this work in your favour by taking advantage of a skill they’ve honed their entire lives, engaging users on Facebook. Give them the responsibilities of updating your company’s social media platforms. While you’ll still have to provide guidance, you’ll be giving them an opportunity to show their capabilities.

5. Interns are less expensive than hiring new full-time employees

Interns might not be able to replace a full-time employee, but they are great for helping the company out while you’re searching for new hires. The hiring process might take a few months these days, but having interns definitely will help to improve efficiency and productivity without costing you much money. Think about it: interns can benefit your company in many ways, and you’ll be providing them with the work experience they want – it’s a mutually beneficial relationship!


Source: Markus Spiske (photo)

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