How to Build Your Resume When You’re Unemployed

The job hunting process is tough. Sometimes it’s even brutal, stretching out for months on end. And when you’re in between jobs, this harrowing experience will affect you both mentally and emotionally. On one hand, there is the constant worry about the long gap in your resume affecting your chances of getting hired; on the other, boredom and anxiety from the long break will slowly eat away at you.

The good news is you can make this situation work to your advantage. How? By spending your time (which you have loads of now) on activities that show employers you’re always utilising your skills.

Take up a contract or temporary assignment.

Think of it as a stepping stone to your next job. Put yourself out there by showing what you can do – and when you’ve done a good job, there is a high chance that the person who hired you will recommend you for a full-time position.

Another plus point: Working on projects like these will keep your restlessness at bay.

Sharpen your skills by taking up classes.

The most important lesson of your career that you need to learn right now is you have to constantly develop and broaden your skill set. Sign up for classes or start with internet courses to improve your marketability. In addition, you’re also showing employers that you are willing to take the initiative to learn.

Another plus point: When you attend a class, you can use it as an opportunity to network.

Start your own business venture.

Have you always wanted to start a business? Now is your perfect moment to. You have the luxury of time, and you have sites like Indiegogo to raise money for a great idea. Whether or not your business becomes successful, it is a wonderful marketing tool and a great addition for your resume.

Another plus point: You wouldn’t have to worry about employers calling you in for interviews when your business takes off. 

Write a professional blog about your industry.

Everybody is a blogger these days. Why? Because blogs are a great way of showing employers how knowledgeable you are of the industry. While blogging takes time and effort, it helps you to keep up with the industry and connect with people.

Another plus point: You might just find another career path you’ve never discovered: being a professional blogger.

Make connections wherever you go.

Everybody you meet has the potential to get you the job you want. Build and expand on your network in every way possible – through friends and family, on social networks, or even when you’re at the gym. Let them know that you’re looking for a job, and ask them if they have connections to companies that you’re interested in working for.

Another plus point: You might just find a contact that will come in useful later in your life. 

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