Bright Prospects Ahead for Finance and Accounting Jobseekers


If you’re a banker, finance analyst, accountant, or any other type of finance specialist, and if you’re looking to fill up one of the finance jobs in Singapore, you’ll be glad to know that your prospects are bright. According to recruitment consultant Robert Half, employers are expected to be hiring professionals in finance and accounting this year. This is good news not only for these professionals, but for the business community as a whole. The increasing need for finance specialists indicates that business leaders are confident about their prospects in 2013.

According to Ms Stella Tang, Director of Robert Half Singapore, “Companies are still optimistic about their prospects, and many are cautiously adding additional headcount. Companies may also be looking to improve productivity to get more from their existing workforce. If the global economic climate improves, then companies will very quickly enter the employment market to make new hires to boost capacity.”

A noteworthy finding revealed by the survey was the concern expressed by the CFOs on possible loss of finance, banking and accounting staff. Large majorities, 86% of the CFOs in Commerce and Industry and 92% of those in Banking and Financial Services said they were concerned that they might lose top performers to other job opportunities. They see the continued confidence in the Singapore market as a potentially strong determining factor in employee turnover. As more companies prosper, they will be out to hire the best finance and accounting professionals. Hiring and keeping the best people will become more and more challenging for both the Commerce and Industry and the Banking and Financial Services sectors.

While these developments pose challenges for the business sector, they are in fact good news for jobseekers specializing in financial services. If you’re one of the many seeking employment in finance, accounting and banking, you can look ahead to bright prospects. You can expect that many employers will be looking to fill vacancies that will fit your qualifications as a finance professional.

For that matter, the improving confidence in the Singapore market will also open up opportunities for jobseekers of other specializations, such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, information technology, office administration, and even secretarial.

Take the cue. Your prospects are bright. The opportunities abound. Employers are in a tug-of-war for the best talents out there. Now is the time to aggressively pursue that job you’ve always wanted.