Aspial Corporation – The Leading Jewellery Company

Aspial Corporation is a Singapore-based jewellery corporation with a chain of boutiques in Singapore. Aspial Corporation owns the Aspial, Lee Hwa, Goldheart and Citigems brands and is the only listed jeweler on the Singapore Exchange.



Aspial is Aspial Corporation’s premium brand of fine contemporary jewellery that offers distinctively unique designs of jewellery for the most discerning woman. A leader in innovation, Aspial appeals to the sophisticated, affluent and discerning woman who appreciates the finer things in life.

Lee Hwa is a leader in contemporary fashion jewellery, with a chain of 27 boutiques in Singapore. This range targets women who are fashion savvy and lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Its brand embodies the lifestyle fashion savvy of today’s confident and contemporary woman.

It is especially noted for its Purplegold range of products as well as its Destinee series. Some of its international awards include the Reader’s Digest SuperBrand Gold Award – Winner 2005, as well as the New York Festival, Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness Award (International) – Finalist Winner 2003.

As the leading bridal jeweller in Singapore, Goldheart offers romancing couples and couples-to-be the perfect affection jewelry, engagement rings or wedding bands symbolic of the eternity of love and memories of romance.

dismon-cutGoldheart is also known for its exclusive Celestial diamond, the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond. The Celestial diamond is GIA-certified and design-patented. When viewed from top with a gem scope, the Celestial diamond reveals a spectacular starburst that no other diamond possesses. In Singapore, Goldheart Jewelry now has 24 retail stores located at all major shopping malls island wide.

Launched in 2004, Citigems now has 21 stores island-wide. Innovative, fashionable and sophisticated jewellery designs by Citigems have become well-loved jewellery pieces in the modern woman’s jewellery box. The brand appeals to the modern woman who desires trendy and fashionable jewellery designs with an innovative twist.

Besides creating contemporary jewellery, CITIGEMS is also the exclusive distributor for the stunning Rosella™ by CITIGEMS. Cut in facets that reflect the enchanting floral pattern of the rose, the Rosella™ by CITIGEMS diamond represents the ultimate symbol of eternal love.

theresaLTheresa Tan is an Assistant Human Resource Director, Corporate Human Resource, Aspial Corporation  

Theresa, what’s your job like?

Well, to start with, I’ve been here for almost ten years now. It has been very fulfilling for me to be a part of Aspial’s growth and progress through the years.

Aspial is a great place to work as we are a fast paced, business-driven results oriented company that is constantly moving in tandem with the market and breaking new grounds. Our CEO is also a good mentor and he constantly encourages us to work as a team to achieve success.

We also believe in empowering our employees through open communication with management, and in fostering a culture of collaboration, teamwork and unique bonding among all Aspial staff.

What inspired you to work in Human Resource (HR)?

I’ve always had a passion for working with people and HR. I studied social work at university, and this gave me the opportunity to learn about subjects such as counselling and people management skills, which has been very useful in my current job. I am motivated by the mix of “people” and “business” elements in the HR profession as well as the challenge of “operationalising the HR initiatives” to meet both people and business needs.

As an Assistant Human Resource Director, my job scope and current portfolio includes –

arrowOPlanning the recruitment of staff

arrowOMaintaining and growing good employee relations

arrowOTaking care of administration and staff training

arrowOStriving for ways and means to add value to our business by partnering with businesses to understand and help support their business imperatives

arrowOTo know and support our PEOPLE

arrowOFacilitate continuous improvement in the full spectrum of HR

theresaMWhat do you think are the prospects for the Jewellery industry?

The prospects are definitely good. Furthermore, Singapore jewelers have a worldwide reputation for having high integrity and offering excellent quality jewellery, which is why a lot of our customers are also tourists who often come back to us as they can shop with complete peace of mind and total customer satisfaction. I’d like to add that a good business initiative taken by Singapore jewelers is in our collaboration to organise the Singapore International Jewellery Show, which is great in terms of enabling the jewellery industry as a whole to achieve greater progress and prestige.

How does Aspial stay ahead of the competition?

We definitely believe in providing excellent customer service and high quality jewellery to our customers.


At Aspial, we always strive to be the leader in setting trends, and raising the benchmark for success higher and higher. Part of our sales strategy is to have different brands to cater for different market segments, such as Aspial, Lee Hwa, Goldheart and Citigems.

Having a good pool of dedicated and knowledgeable staff is also one of our principles, and this is especially crucial as our customers are well informed about jewellery, therefore we must always strive to provide them with the relevant recommendations for their needs.

Ultimately, our vision for the future is to be the leading jewellery company in Asia.

What qualities does Aspial look for in its staff?

There are always great job opportunities and great rewards for hardworking staff at Aspial. We are looking for people with a positive mindset to overcome adversity, have a strong passion for jewellery, perseverance and diligence to overcome challenges and to be customer service oriented, which is very important as we are essentially in the retail line.

What are your goals for the future?

I look forward to growing with Aspial, to enjoy the learning process and share the joy of many more successes that we will achieve together through teamwork. I enjoy and will strive to meet the challenge to be a strategic business partner to constantly value add to our business as well as to render support to our business imperatives.

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