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Rebecca Port

Dr Rebecca Port 
Global Head Talent

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How much more on top of my current salary should I put for my expected salary in the resume? – Natasha, Marketing Executive

Its important to realise that employers do not remunerate whatever a candidate asks for.  Use salary surveys to make sure you understand  your current compensation level relative to the market and align your expectations accordingly.  Proposing a figure that is misaligned to your future peers may put a potential employer off. 

Putting your remuneration expectations on your CV may dissuade potential employers from giving you an interview, if the salary on your CV is perceived as too high. Its much better to have a discussion around compensation during the interview.

Is it necessary to input photograph into the resume? Must it be professionally taken or a casual photo works the same? – Coco, Sales

Photos can be a great additional touch to a CV, and can make your CV stand out.  As for the type of photo I would generally encourage a professional photo, as you want to stand out for the right reasons.  However, this can depend on the organisation and the role you are applying for.  If the company culture is more dynamic, like in a tech start up, you should consider making it a casual photo that will demonstrate you fit the culture, but if it is a more formal industry, like banking, a professional photo is a must.    

Should I follow up and call to check after an interview? If yes, how long after the interview? – Justin, Software Engineer

Yes, always!  Immediately post the interview send a note to thank the interviewers for their time, express your excitement about the organisation and the role, and offer for them to contact you if they have any other questions.  As you leave an interview always ask what the next steps are and when you can expect to hear back.  If you have not heard anything by the time they said they would contact you, send a short, polite follow up email.   

Can the resume be the same for different positions that I am applying for or should I have a few different resumes? – Johnny, Manager

Always flex your resume to the role and organisation you are applying for.  While your previous job roles and education are the same on each CV, make sure to highlight experience that relates to the role you are applying for.   You can also consider writing a bio, which is essentially a couple of paragraphs about yourself and your experience.  It is advisable to change for different positions, ensuring it aligns to the role and the company culture.

Should I include my last salary in the resume as it might impair employer’s ability to provide a fair remuneration package? – Sam, Accountant

A potential employer is likely to seek to understand your current remuneration before making you an offer, however I would not advise putting this on your resume.  Instead wait until you are at the interview, it is likely you will be asked. Also if you are using an employment agency they will inform the potential future employer of your current compensation. 

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