Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Job Search in Six Easy Steps


Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Simply stated, it means “like attracts like”, that is, we attract whatever it is that we think about. Therefore, if one focuses on positive thoughts, positive results will come.

The Law of Attraction can be applied to most things in life including the job hunting process. Based on the law’s assertion, maintaining a positive attitude while looking for a job can actually help you get the job you desire.

Instead of harbouring anxiety and other negative feelings during job search, it advises job finders to adopt an optimistic mindset. Maintaining a positive attitude will not only make the challenges a whole lot easier to handle, it can even bring you the job of your dreams.

Here are some ways you can apply the Law of Attraction in your job search:


1. Use your imagination

 Everything starts in the mind, so think of the job you want to get and imagine you working in that role. Visualisation is key so imagine yourself actually doing the job in your mind. If you’re up for it, you may even create a “mood board” to help you fully visualise your dream job.

 To start things off, read this fun how-to piece on the craft and discover how it inspired a young woman to follow her dreams of becoming a model. Stumped for ideas? See some samples here to help you make one. Now place this mood board somewhere where you can always see it so you will always have a “visual” of the job you want.


2. Get up and move

 The next thing you need to do to make the Law of Attraction work for you is to take action to get that dream job of yours. Imagination and visualisation can only take you so far, so you need to get moving to reach your objective.

 Make the effort to seek out and apply for the jobs you want and make sure that you actively pursue the employment opportunities that come your way. Taking up classes and trainings to further develop your skills is also a good way you can demonstrate that you are being proactive.


3. Stay positive

 Staying positive might take a bit of an effort especially if your job search hasn’t been paying off. But even when things are not working out as well as you expected, it still pays to be positive about the whole job hunting process. 

 By all means, the Law of Attraction won’t guarantee that you will get every job that you’ll go for. Sometimes you are just not cut out for the job. But when faced with rejection, turn it around to make it positive. Have a little more faith in yourself and your prospects. Believe that there’s better out there, and you just have to journey on to find out.

 Disappointments? Take them all in stride. More than that, extend the positivity to how you carry yourself in life and work. As much as possible, avoid talking about how you failed that exam or how you got turned down by a company you applied to. Again, “like attracts like” so focus on the positive to get it to come to you.


4. Watch out for signs

 Open your eyes to the numerous possibilities that life affords you. The one job that you’ve always been dreaming about might just be around the corner so be on constant lookout. Your next job might even come from unconventional ways, such as in the form of chance encounters, networking opportunities, and job fair invites.

 Random meetings may even open up opportunities so think twice about turning down the coffee invite from an old acquaintance or long-lost classmate.


5. Leave the past behind

 Let go of past hurts and failures and start building a bright future instead. The Law of Attraction won’t work if you keep on carrying a huge chip from the past on your shoulder so leave it behind. They say that your past will influence your future, but it can never shape the future, so it is never wise to dwell on it. Keep on moving forward and continue on your road to your dream job.


6. Believe that you deserve all the good things that will come to you

The Law of Attraction’s power lies in the belief that good things will eventually happen to you in the future. If you do everything with positivity, the law dictates that what you want will come your way.

If, for example, you do get the job post, know that you deserve it and that you won’t be taking it from someone else. After all, more jobs are being created everyday and there are plenty of jobs to go around.

 Always remember, ‘Like attracts like.’ Remind yourself of it as you go chasing your dream job. Believe that you deserve the good things in life and that good things are coming. Believe that you can land the job you want with the Law of Attraction.


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