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Advisors’ Clique is an agency that represents Great Eastern, an established and renowned insurance company. The agency comprises of an exceptional team of graduates from the local, foreign universities and polytechnics and they specialize in the distribution of branded financial products. They also offer valuable advice to solve their clients’ financial needs in the areas of wealth management.advisor1

Colin Ong is the Chairman of Advisors’ Clique. His foray into the insurance industry began with Chuan & Associates in 1992, just after he graduated from the National University of Singapore with a B.A.

In his early years, Colin was the agency’s Top Planner for 3 years consecutively in 1993, 1994 & 1995. Colin was interviewed on Money Mind in 1994 and was featured in the book “Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do” in 1998.

In 2001, Colin established Advisors’ Clique with a few other highly successful financial advisors. The goal was to set up an agency that would give everyone an equal partnership and motivation to grow the business with continuity. Since then, Advisors’ Clique has been steadily growing from strength to strength.

Colin and his team believe in the importance of constant upgrading. Personally, he has achieved both the designations of Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU) & the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) in 2001 & the Fellow, Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) in 2003. Colin, what is the secret of your success?

It’s actually quite straightforward – you have to work hard and not be afraid to overcome challenges and rejections. It’s also important to have strength of mind to focus on achieving your goals. I believe that success is a matter of choice, and successful people do things that unsuccessful people do not. Having a team that believes in you and your vision is also important.


What are the strengths of Advisors’ Clique?

Firstly, all our agents undergo an intensive recruitment process, where candidates, in addition to being highly qualified with a minimum tertiary education, must also satisfy our personality profiling test. We have a strong internal focus on upgrading and accreditation to ensure that all our agents are constantly up to date on the latest policy changes and financial issues, so as to keep everyone at the forefront of the financial planning evolution.

How do you foster a good working environment?

It’s always about thinking in the best interest of our associates and our clients. We also practice a culture of open communication at all levels, thereby fostering mutual respect and trust for each and every associate. We believe in the synergy of good teamwork and in having a good work-life balance by working hard and also having time for leisure as well.

How does Advisors’ Clique support new financial advisors?

For people with passion, dedication, commitment, self-discipline and drive to excel as a financial advisor, we will put them on our sound training programs. They are also provided with mentorship and support so that they can excel in their careers. At Advisors’ Clique, you are always in business for yourself but never by yourself.

What are the prospects like for the insurance industry?

I believe that there are good prospects, especially in areas such as Private Wealth Management (PWM). So far, 16 Advisors’ Clique associates have been selected to be Private Wealth Managers, and this is good news for us as Singapore is well on track to becoming the financial hub for Asia. Once this current downturn is over, I foresee a very bright future for the Singapore economy and for the insurance industry.

What is Advisors’ Clique vision for the future?

We intend to grow our staff strength to 1000, and there are plans in place to acquire our own commercial space to support our growth. We are also looking to franchise the Advisors’ Clique system in several other Asian countries, so it is definitely an exciting time for us going forward.

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