Ace the interview, get your dream job



In today’s competitive world, organizations are no longer only looking for talent who can carry out the role and fit into the organization culture, rather they are looking for potential leaders of the organization for tomorrow.  How do you show them you have what it takes?

More companies are also adopting the competency-based interviewing approach to assess behaviours and attitudes.  Understanding how it works and how it can bring out the best in you will definitely bring you a step closer to clinching your dream job!


Join us for an informative preview to prepare yourself with answers that impress.


Curious what questions interviewers will ask you during the interview?

How do you prepare yourself with answers that impress?

Looking for the key to stand out amongst the many job interviewees?

How do you provide evidence that you are the right fit for the job?



At the end of the course, you will be able to:

Explain what is competency

Explain what is competency-based interview and how it works

Identify the job requirements based on company information and job specifications

Identify the different types of competencies needed for the job

Conduct self-assessment and gather evidence of your own competency

Identify possible questions that may be asked during the interview using “STAR”

Prepare answers to questions and evidences that may be asked

Undergo a competency-based interview confidently




Ms Elizabeth Chan
Founder & CEO, Centre for Competency-Based Learning and Development

The brainchild behind the success of Center for Competency-Based Learning and Development (CBLD), Elizabeth Chan, has a Masters in Management (major in HRM). Since the year 2000, she has developed industry competency maps and standards for various industries and is now a pioneer consultant for the National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) and Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) system.

In 2002, she was one of the award winners for NSRS consultants by SPRING Singapore. Elizabeth has served as a member with the Training & Adult Education (TAE) Manpower Skills & Training Council from 2011 to 2013. During this time, she simultaneously became a certified Practicing Management Consultant (PMC) by the Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council in 2012. Till date, as a Master trainer for the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment, she has trained more than 2000 WSQ course developers, trainers and assessors under the classroom and OJT tracks.


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