Ace Your Job Search: Make Yourself Stand Out to Employers

Whenever an applicant sends out a resume when applying for a job in Singapore, there’s no guarantee that they will be called up for a job interview. All submitted applications need to compete with other candidates who are also vying for the exact same position. Furthermore, once an applicant manages to snag an interview, there is also no guarantee that they will clinch the job as other job interviewees will be just as well-qualified as them too.

When trying to crack the system to gain an advantage in your job hunting process, know that the entire job application process revolves around candidates giving their prospective employers unbeatable reasons on why they should be hired. Candidates can do this only within the two main phases of the job application process – in their resume writing and during the job interview.

How can job seekers stand out from the others in these two aspects then?

Writing an awesome resume  

In many instances, applicants structure their resumes in a format, or even in a template, that is essentially the same as most resumes sent to employers. These resumes will most likely guarantee a rejection from the employer. Candidates have to keep in mind that the goal of the resume is to help the employer sift through which applicants are more likely to have the skills that they’re looking for. Is your resume going to compel him/her to put your job application on top of the pile?

Let’s say an employer is looking for a worker with accounting skills. Showing evidence of your experience in QuickBooks or a similar accounting program, together with a reputable accounting degree in your resume will mean that you’re equipped with the necessary skills for the job function. Additional achievements and qualifications compiled in an easy-to-read bullet point format will score more cookie points with the employer, so be liberal in your use of them.

Job interviews and how to ace them

Regardless of hearing it from your seniors, or reading advice columns on job portals, the essential tip for acing a job interview is to be prepared. The interviewee should learn as much as possible about the company that they’re applied to, including related industry news and the history of the company. Just the fact that they’re being called up for the interview means that their chances of getting the job is very high and now they are presented with an opportunity to impress the employer face-to-face.

Knowing that, being able to leave a great first impression with the employer and demonstrating excellent body language and job competence is key.

The way to ace your job search and clinch the job of your dreams can be boiled down to these two important phases. The employer needs to find you attractive in both instances before he or she can send you a job offer.

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