8 Ways to Keep Your Cool at Work


With the holidays coming up and teammates prepping for vacation leaves, work may start to pile up in the next several weeks.

There may be road bumps that would provoke you to snap at times, but it’s best to keep your head up and stay cool. Take the mature and professional approach by keeping emotions in check and better manage stressors at work with these tips:


1. Think about what’s important

How much will this roadblock affect my output? What does this momentary setback mean to me? How can I do better? Is this issue worth the time and effort contemplating about, or can I focus more on what’s urgent and value-creating?

Such questions should give you an insight in knowing which battles to fight or let go. Things gone wrong can get you emotionally worked up, but knowing which ones matter and worth stressing over allows you to get an idea how these would impact your work and accordingly help you decide on your action.

Reflect, assess, act, delegate or let go.


2. Write

Writing can be therapeutic. Sometimes, there are things easier expressed by jotting down than being said or acted upon upfront. Writing allows you to list down thoughts and emotions, and perhaps give you enough time to reflect back and address your feelings. Expressive writing or journaling are possible options.


3. Remove yourself from the situation

In case you find yourself in the middle of a tense situation, and should your current schedule allow you to, a quick break can help clear the air. Take a stroll in the park, or grab a cuppa – just do something to make yourself feel better.


4. Remember your manners

Falling into the trap of negativity when confronted with challenging things at work may be easy. It is gratifying to rant and fume about frustrations, however, things at work should remain professional. This means that despite impulses to react negatively to the situation, our actions should still be gracious and respectful. No need to patronize nor sugarcoat, just maintain your tact and diplomacy.


5. Focus on the positive

Studies have shown that our brains are wired with greater sensitivity to bad news. Be that as it may, we can choose to push back these negative thoughts to function better in the workplace. Pause. Try to recall a happy thought – a recent family trip, an award you just received at work, a funny antic your colleague had, receiving a salary bonus or the purpose you serve at work. Remember: everyone has his/her own battles to face. Your job, in fact a gift to be thankful for.


6. Call a friend

Sometimes, holding things in or keeping quiet just won’t cut it. Try calling a trusted friend during a free time, or perhaps arrange to meet up for lunch or dinner. Talk it out. Perhaps, another person’s perspective may provide insight as to what can be done better.


7. Take a breather

A quick way to calm yourself down in tense situations is to take full deep breaths. There are several techniques to help you exhale out stress and anxieties. Breathing in allows you to bring oxygen into your system to help calm yourself.


8. Workout and eat well

Not only does regular exercise and a good balanced diet promote good physique, but they are also key factors to getting improved self-esteem and total well-being. Exercising allows the body to release chemicals called endorphins that interact with receptors in the brain which reduce the perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger positive feelings in the body that reduce stress, ward off anxiety and feelings of depression, and even improve sleep.