8 Signs You’re in Love with Your Job

In Love with Your Job

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner and the mood of love all around us, we thought it’ll be interesting to take the romance another level, with romance in the office. And no! We’re not talking about starting a relationship with someone at your workplace, but with your job itself.

Are you in love with your job? Here are 8 signs that you are:

The thought of squeezing your way into a crowded MRT train in the mornings doesn’t fill you with dread.

You’ll get annoyed, but you do what you have to do to get to work, even if that means standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow commuters. You look forward to getting to the office that sometimes you wish the train will move faster.

When you reach your office, you delve right in to your tasks for the day.

You don’t waste much time settling in because you only have so many hours a day to complete your to-do list. Which brings us to the next point…

You never look at the clock unless you have an urgent meeting to attend that day.

Often enough, you find your colleagues coming over to remind you to that it’s lunch time or time to knock off because you enjoy work so much that you get completely absorbed in your work.

When your friends complain that their jobs don’t pay them enough, you simply can’t understand their unhappiness.

Money isn’t everything to you – it certainly isn’t the reason you go to work every day – because you enjoy work. You can’t imagine having a job just because of the money.

You think about ways to improve systems and procedures without even being asked to.

Your enthusiasm for work goes beyond your job scope. Survival isn’t on your mind; all you think about is how you can do better or how you can help your company to do better.

Your colleagues have taken a liking to you because you’re always willing to help.

You’re the go-to guy (or girl) in your department because you’ll help out, no matter how busy you are. You know that when you help others out, your team can go further.

Work makes you stay awake at night because you just have so many ideas.

And you love it, even though you end up going to work zombie-like the next day.

When you read that Singaporeans are “under happy” in the workplace, you thank your lucky stars that you’re not one of them.

Yay, you!

If you agree with most of the points above, congratulations! You are so in love with your job that you might as well make it your Valentine! (We’re really kidding, though. We do encourage a good work-life balance!)


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