7 Ways to Get Promotion Faster

You’ve consistently put your nose to the grindstone and cranked out some work that really wowed your boss – especially when you’re still in the early years of your career. First of all, kudos to you!

But now is not the time to kick back. You need to keep delivering if you want to snag your first promotion, which is no easy feat. You’ll need to make an ace impression when you step through the door. Read on to discover the ways to get a promotion fast.

Get clear expectations

The key to being a star performer at any stage in your career: make the boss happy. Sit down with your boss and set specific goals for yourself. Express that you’d like to connect quarterly to review your performance, and use your first meeting to approach the subject. “As you can see, I’m committed to delivering great work. What will it take to get promoted?”

Document your achievements

Your boss probably is too busy to keep track of your every accomplishment. So, keep a log of your quantifiable accomplishments – that way you have concrete results to cite when you ask for a promotion. Also, record the skills you acquire and make sure to consistently update your resume to reflect them.

Cozy up to HR

A friend in the HR may be your ticket to nabbing a promotion. Having an informant in HR who can tell you about job openings gives you an advantage over your peers. Take the person to lunch to start building rapport. Once you’ve established a relationship, your confidant may even be able to tip you off about promotion opportunities in other departments.

Push beyond your job description

Once you’ve proven yourself capable of delivering great work, ask your manager to take on more responsibility. But be specific by asking to work on particular tasks or projects. You want to take on “stretch assignments”, or jobs that give you a trial run at the promotion you’re currently eyeing. Requesting specific work also shows initiative.

Prove you’re a leader

While your boss wants to see you’re a team player, you still need to distinguish yourself from your peers. Individuals get promoted, not teams.

Ask for the promotion

It sounds basic but many employees expect their boss to hand them a promotion. However, if you don’t ask, you shall not receive.

… or find that promotion somewhere else

If you’ve been killing it at work, but there’s still no pay raise or change in your title, you might have to cut your losses. Many times, a promotion is easier to attain at a new job than at your current employer. And making a move could bring more than a salary bump. There’s often a signing bonus, new title, more responsibility and leadership roles that come with a promotion.

So, keep providing yourself to your boss, but if you feel stuck for too long, it might be time to re-vamp your resume and start looking for a new job.

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