7 Creative Email Auto Replies for the Holidays


Your well-deserved year-end break is coming up, and you’re ready to pack up and disconnect from the daily bustling of office life. But work still goes on, and your clients will continue to email you. Need to create an out-of-office reply to make sure they know you’re off on vacation? Flaunt your creative side by taking inspiration from these email auto replies:

1. Thanks for your email. I’m not in the office right now, but if it’s important, tweet me using #youareinterruptingmyvacation. Happy holidays!

2. While you are sending this email, I am skiing and falling flat on my face somewhere in Japan. I have no coverage and will not be able to reply you until I am back, which hopefully will be on 2nd January 2015 if I don’t break a leg. Have a great Christmas!

3. I’m stuck in the North Pole and have no way home until Christmas, but my elf friends are helping me fix up an internet connection here, although I’m pretty sure they don’t really know what that means. Meanwhile, you can contact my colleague at [email protected] or wait until I get back to you, whenever that is.

4. I am currently out of the office and out of the country. I have a mobile phone, but I’m purchasing a prepaid SIM and cannot be contacted with my regular number. I look forward to re-engaging with you in 2015. Have a Happy New Year!

5. Thanks for your email. I’m not in the office and am on a family vacation. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to reply you, I have also promised my wife that I will go gadget-free this trip. I will try to get back to you when she’s in the toilet, or when it’s my turn. Merry Christmas!

6. I am out of the office right now, and will not be back until 2nd January 2015. For any enquiries about Marketing, please contact [email protected]. For any general enquiries, you can contact [email protected]. For a great Christmas movie, you can check out Frozen.

7. I am out of the office for my annual year-end vacation and will not be able to check my mail until after the New Year. If I do not reply you after, your email was probably lost in the virtual black hole that is my inbox. Please feel free to resend the email after 2nd January 2015.

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