5 tips to a successful holiday season job search

You may not believe this but the approaching holiday season is actually a great time to go on a job search. Most hirers are on a look out to increase their seasonal workforce and if you play your cards right that can lead to a long-term employment. Even if that doesn’t happen, the opportunity to widen your professional network is just too good to miss out.



The last three months leading to the end of the year are crunch times for most businesses especially those in the Retail and Hospitality industries. Consumers are either hurrying to complete their last minute Christmas shopping or plotting their holiday vacations across the globe. The common belief among job seekers is that companies would freeze hiring because they are unwilling to pay the usual holiday premiums or the mandated holiday bonuses. While there is truth to this, there are still thousands of employers out there that continue hiring because the holiday season holds a definite earning potential.

More importantly, because of the belief that job hunting does not make sense during the holiday, competitions among candidates are significantly lower. As a job seeker, you should definitely take advantage of this. Add the following holiday job search tips and you should be laughing your way to the bank and still have enough money to buy gifts for family and friends.


 1. Start your job search online

Most companies focus their marketing and advertising efforts online during the approaching holiday and this is definitely where you should start. Make a short list of the companies you’re interested in applying and then Google them on the internet. Make your job search more effective by doing research on what the position requires so you can look up unfamiliar terms you encounter. Brush up on your interview skills while you’re at it so you can confidently face the interviewer once you’re called for an interview.


2. Network during holiday parties

The holiday cheer is sure to bring a party invitation or two on your way. Do not miss up on this opportunity to meet people who can help you get a job. Remember not to drink one too many glasses of wine or alcohol as the last thing you want is to botch up your chance to meet a potential employer because you passed out due to intoxication.


3. Clean up your online brand

Use the holiday to update your resume and clean up your online brand. If you don’t have a digital copy of your resume yet (gasp!), then it’s high time you create one right now. Upload a copy of that resume online and make it viewable to potential employers. Once you’ve done that, focus your attention on cleaning up your social media footprint. Have you just gone out on a wild drinking party with friends and laughingly posted “wild” evidence on Facebook? Take it all down or make them private right away. Remember that everything you place online can easily be found or retrieved and you wouldn’t want your potential boss to dig up unsavory bits and pieces of your personality if they decide to look you up online. 


4. Clear your schedule for potential interviews

Once you’re all set, make sure to clear your schedule for at least two weeks so you can make to any impromptu interview schedules. The worst thing that can happen to you is to be tagged a no-show because you went partying the day before. If you can, try to limit your job search until the first of December so you’ll have enough time to attend to any interview before the holiday week arrives.  Remember that with so few applicants applying for a job vacancy, chances are you will be called up on short notice so it’s always a good idea to be ready when that call comes in.


5. Take a holiday break

The holiday is meant to help you relax, unwind, and refocus your efforts so you can get your life back on track. Enjoy the holiday as you should. Do something fun and enjoyable this season. Get together with family and friends, take that vacation you’ve planned for so long, and throw yourself in the spirit of the holiday cheer. Even if you don’t get to land a holiday job, this is not the season nor the reason to wallow in self-pity. This is the best time to change gear, re-examine your priorities, and align your career goals for next year. Take a break, you deserve it.


The holiday is indeed a season to be jolly so try not to worry too much about your prospect of finding a job. If it happens, well and good but if it doesn’t, there’s always the next year to look forward to.  Use this time to continue your job search but don’t forget to enjoy the holiday and spend it with people close to your heart. Good luck and have a great holiday!