5 Subtle Signs You’re Performing Well In Your Job

5-signs-youre-doing-well-at-workMany times during the course of their full-time or part-time job in Singapore, employees will wonder if what they’re doing at work is good enough. Often, this is an unneeded worry, perhaps due to stressful situations at work, or conflict with team members that disrupt the harmony and workflow.

However, it may just simply be that your colleagues aren’t comfortable showing praise and appreciation to others, especially in a professional setting. This is why it is up to the individual to pay attention to the subtle hints that they’re getting – many are actually tell-tale signs that point to a positive feedback on your work performance!

How do you know if others are acknowledging your good performance? Look at these 5 hints that tell you you’re appreciated:

1) More responsibility

You find that whenever you complete a task, more will be piled onto your plate. This will tell you that your boss trusts you with doing a good job and you can handle additional responsibility.

2) Coworkers ask you for advice

If you find that your colleagues often ask you for advice pertaining to work matters, you’ll know that they value your opinion or that you’re known to be a valuable employee who completes jobs correctly and on time.

3) Speaking with respect

If you listen carefully to the tone and manner that colleagues speak to you, there will be hints of whether they think you’re a person that they respect or not. When someone appreciates you and what you do, they will tend to speak to you more respectfully.

4) Being in charge

If you’re given a leadership position in tasks, even minor ones like training a new employee, it goes to show that you have earned trust as a leader among your boss and coworkers.

5) Positive comments

Be in the know what your bosses or colleagues have to say about you. Often when bosses or clients talk about you in a positive way to your coworker, often he or she will let you know what they said.

Keep the abovementioned tips in mind and when they happen, know that you’re being appreciated for your good efforts at work. This will ensure that you stay happy in your workplace and do a better job because of that.

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