5 Signs You’re Stressed (And Need a Break!)

stress need break

Stress does not only affect your mental state but your physical condition too. And we all know that work is one of the biggest causes of stress, especially when you’ve got a job in Singapore, a city with one of the most fast-paced work environments in the world.

Sometimes, because you’re busy accomplishing all the tasks you set for yourself, you forget to take a break. You keep pushing yourself to do more, until your body drops you a major hint that it’s time to relax. Don’t ignore it! Take it as a sign to go on the vacation you’ve always wanted to, or try these tips on dealing with stress.

Just keep an eye out for the following symptoms of stress:

1. Constant Colds

Stress is known to lower your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to colds and other infections than you would normally be. When you are stressed, the hormone that regulates your immune system – called catecholemines – takes a longer time to be released. In addition to that, your thymus gland gets shrunk when you’re under stress, producing lesser white blood cells that fight infection.

2. Tooth Problems

Some people grind their teeth when they sleep. Some clench their jaws when under too much stress. But all these actions can cause wear and tear in your mouth, and sometimes even cracks in those chompers! Your dentist can tell you, from looking at your teeth, whether you’ve been grinding them due to stress.

3. Memory Loss

Your brain is also affected when you’re under stress. You might start finding yourself forgetting details as quickly as you absorb them. This is because the hippocampus, an area of your brain that controls short-term memory, is exposed to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When inhibited, your brain loses its ability to remember things.

4. Irregularities in Menstruation

Has your menstrual cycle ever been “late” only to continue a few days later? Stress can cause your period to delay, or, in special circumstances, stop it for months completely. Some women have gone half a year without menstruating because they were overly stressed out. Even if your cycle is regular as usual, you might experience twice the pain when you’re cramping when you’re under stress.

5. Hair Loss

If you’ve found a grey or white hair, the first thought to come to your head is you’ve been under too much stress. But science has shown that stress causes hair loss instead. A medical condition called alopecia areata, which is when white blood cells attack hair follicles and stop growth, is a result from too much stress. Stress can also push growing hairs into their resting place, causing the hair to fall from brushing or washing.

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