5 Reasons to Work in Healthcare

Are you considering a job in medical services, or are you looking for a switch in careers? There are many rewards and benefits to be reaped from working in healthcare—here are five of them:

1. The healthcare industry is constantly expanding

Thanks to an ageing population and medical tourism, the demand for healthcare professionals has been growing. And it will only continue to grow due to the addition of more public and private healthcare facilities in the near future. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has been expanding the workforce as quickly as possible to improve the staff-to-patient ratio, even though there is a shortage in manpower.

What this means for you: You will get to enjoy great job opportunities and stability should you choose to work in this industry.

2. The gamut of jobs is as vast as it is diverse

The job opportunities in the healthcare industry aren’t limited to just doctors and nurses. MOH predicts that the demand for labour will be for all healthcare professionals and support staff—this includes allied health professionals, healthcare assistants and therapist aides. There are literally hundreds of job roles available to be explored.

What this means for you: There are plenty of career opportunities for you in the healthcare industry.

3. Singapore’s healthcare is world class

Bloomberg has ranked Singapore’s healthcare as the second most efficient in the world after Hong Kong. It also has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world, and one of the highest life expectancies from birth. Tower Watson has named it one of the most successful in the world in terms of efficiency and results achieved in public health.

What this means for you: Working in medical services will have you competing globally because of Singapore’s world class healthcare standards.

4. Healthcare has the most meaningful professions

Bring a life into this world, save a life from ending, helping a patient walk for the first time, keeping the sick company and drawing up a plan for someone to get the right help are just some jobs of healthcare professionals. They do not only touch lives of individuals and families, they impact entire communities too.

What this means for you: Having a career in healthcare is a very rewarding and meaningful one.

5. There is never a dull moment

Lots of TV shows and movies are based off the lives of real medical practitioners, and there’s a reason why: healthcare is ever changing, with new challenges every day. There are always new patients, new strains of illnesses, and new situations to be thrown into.

What this means for you: You can actually make a movie or write a book about your career in healthcare because it’s a job you’ll never be bored in.

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