5 Reasons Employer Branding Engages Top Talent

Your brand is a reflection of you as an employer and is one of the key ways for your organisation to stand out from competitors. An accurately defined and positioned employer brand also shows off the true personality of your organisation, thereby attracting more right-fit employees.

Here are five reasons employer branding can magnetise top talent:

Top talent auto-selects top talent

When top-notch candidates buy in to your employer brand and come aboard, they are your strongest vocal recruiters. They will tell other like-minded folk whenever the company delivers on its brand promise. These powerful word-of-mouth testimonies coming from high-achievers can truly cement your reputation. Given that most achievers aspire to learn from the best in their trade, your talent pipeline could soon be flooded with more promising talent!

It creates a cyclical effect

Your employer brand is based on your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) since it outlines the company’s cultures and values. A well-articulated EVP forms the basis for an on-point talent acquisition strategy, which will attract candidates that mesh well with your organisation. Retention rates will then improve as employees adapt and stay on.

An effective way to project your employer brand and EVP is your company career website. A market outlook survey done by jobsDB shows that 56% of candidates turn to company career websites while job hunting.

A wider selection of prospects

Behind every sought-after employer is an outstanding employer brand. Large pools of talent flock to your shores and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to hiring! This translates to an excellent opportunity to pick out the cream of the crop, letting you build your dream team.

Sets you up for upgrades and upskilling

A well-thought-out and consistent employer brand can save hiring and retraining dollars brought on by turnover. With more right-fit employees, turnover savings can be turned into human capital investments. You will have bigger budgets to upgrade your workforce with top talent, and will be able to invest in career development programmes to upskill loyal and deserving employees and groom them for promotions.

More than good marketing collateral

People are fond of sharing their thoughts online, so every encounter with your brand counts. In fact, these vocal advocates may someday promote your brand to a discerning, potential leader who needed to hear good feedback from a trusted source before deciding to join your team! Peoples’ accounts of their experience while applying for a job with your organisation, a customer service experience they had, can make or break your reputation. 

Remember that while good marketing collateral is a winner, when it comes to reputation, people trust people more than advertising and promotion material.



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