5 Office Horror Stories You Don’t Want Happening to You


With Halloween just round the corner, we decided to do our own version of spooky stories that happened in the office. Forget ghosts, witches and zombies – these stories will make you pray that you’ll never get into a similar situation.

Everybody has had their own horrifyingly embarrassing story, but we picked five that we found to be the most cringe-worthy:

I think I’ve eaten too much? 

“I was at a photo shoot for work. When I reached down to pick up a bag of chips, the button on my pants popped and flew across the room. Before I knew it, it had rolled right in front of my boss. He stared at me in amazement, and all I wanted to do was bury my head under the ground. Everyone knew I was walking around without a button on my pants after.”

Pim Lai, Senior Copywriter

Why is it going up?

“There was a time I had a stomachache and had to rush to the toilet, but it wasn’t like what you think. After I’ve done everything that I needed to, I flushed the toilet bowl. But to my horror, the contents weren’t getting flushed away… It seemed like the toilet was regurgitating!

To be fair, my office was situated in an old building and the amenities weren’t working as well as they should. I panicked, and I tried to use the only thing that was available to me to remove the clog: a toilet brush. And then I made the biggest mistake. I flushed the toilet again. The water level rose even higher.

By now I had no choice but to bring the office manager in. I’ll never forget the look on his face. He called the plumber in. Meanwhile, because I clogged the only toilet in the office, everyone walk to the building opposite ours if they needed to go to the toilet. And it was all my fault! That day was the most horrifying experience I had at work.”

Jancy Lim, Marketing Executive

Did she see it?

“I was starting to feel increasingly unhappy with my reporting manager. When confiding in my colleague, I would use e-mail as our mode of communication, which on hindsight is a really stupid thing to do.

Yes, I sent an e-mail to my boss by mistake. While I used secret codes that my colleague and I came up with, it was still pretty apparent what was happening. I didn’t get reprimanded that day, but I was really terrified at what could have happened.”

Rodney Chew, Events Planner and Specialist

Sorry, what’s your name again?

“I once met up with a potential client for a sales pitch, and I thought it went very well. Until my colleague, who attended the meeting with me, whispered on our way out that I’ve been calling him “Ben” when his name was “Dan”. I thought there was no saving that situation, but Dan called me back a few days later to accept the offer.”

Viknesh, Senior Sales Executive

Thank god it wasn’t me

“This didn’t happen to me, but as a spectator, I can assure you that it was like watching a car accident happen in slow motion.

At a holiday party, everyone was having fun and drinking more than they should. In the middle of the room where the managers were gathered, the shouting started. The Creative Director (CD) was yelling at the Head of Digital about how ugly he was and how he should get out of his face. The Head of Digital didn’t react, fortunately, or it could have gone down really badly.

The entire party fell silent, and it was an awkward sort of silence that made everyone shuffle on their feet. The Assistant Creative Director apologized on the CD’s behalf and half-carried him out of the room. That was so uncomfortable to watch, and so horrifying that I made a promise to never drink more than two at an office party.”

Patricia Walsh, Account Executive

Source: Jacob Bøtter (photo)

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