5 Great Jobs to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Spending another day again in an office cubicle? Dreaming of spending it away on a tropical island with palm trees swaying in the breeze? You can start filing for your vacation leaves now, or you can ditch your office job and start earning while you explore the world.

For a lucky few who are living the life of a nomad, the beach and the mountains are their workplaces. To them, sipping coffee in some artsy café in Europe is their equivalent of a lunch break. These are the people who are in vacation mode all year round.

Sounds like a dream, right? While we slave inside buildings, often too cold for most of us raised in the tropics, the scene below is a typical work set-up for these lucky folks:

“I take a sip of chilled Sauvignon Blanc while gazing at the sprawling vineyards below my balcony. With the sun on my face, my husband and I dig into some fresh fruit from the local farmers’ market—crisp pears, figs and goat cheese.

A warm breeze flutters the gauzy fabric of my sundress as we open our laptops to start the workday.”

Vanessa Van Edwards, “I Make My Living While Traveling The World” (via The Week)

If you’re feeling tired of city living and the corporate rat race, you’ll be glad to know that you too can also live a life like that of Ms. Edwards.

Going on a trip, especially if it’s a trip abroad requires a lot of planning. You need to figure out your living arrangement while in the country, fulfill your visa requirements (check out this link for the working holiday visa requirements for various countries) and plot out your activities for the whole trip. Unfortunately, though lots of people dream to see the world, not many get to see their dreams become a reality. One of the biggest stumbling blocks in making this a reality are people’s misconceptions about working while travelling. But as travel became more affordable, a few folks combined the two and started a whole new lifestyle.

Working while you travel, when you think about it, is actually the best way to go about things especially when you plan to travel on a long-term basis. No more worrying about running out of cash as long as you keep on working while you explore what the world has to offer.

 Interested to live the life of a modern nomad? Here are some possible career options for you to try:

Tour Guide/Tour Escort – Cheaper travel fares have given the tourism industry a huge boost and with it, the demand for tour guides or escorts have also flourished. If you love talking to people, have a flair for storytelling and a fan of trivia and history, then this is the perfect job for you. Passion is the key here – if you love your home (away from home), and would relish the opportunity to show it off to new visitors then why don’t you try out this gig?

Language Teacher – The high demand for native English speakers to teach the language makes this career an attractive option, especially for those traveling to or around East Asia, particularly South Korea and Japan. Those interested to try this out may choose between teaching through traditional means or via online. An education degree is not a requirement to do the job, though you may be asked to have a CELTA or the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages. This certificate is especially designed for those with little to no previous English language teaching (ELT) experience. Likewise, having tons of patience, perseverance and an eagerness to share your knowledge won’t hurt. Perks of the job include a competitive salary and even free housing to a few lucky folks. Derek Earl Baron of Wandering Earl.com, for example, taught English in India in exchange for room and board.

Blogger – Travelers who have a flair for writing may find this to be an excellent way to earn extra income while on the move. All it takes is a reliable laptop and Internet connection to start a blog. You earn cash by placing ads or seeking out sponsors for your blog. In order for this venture to work, all you need is to sign up your blog to a platform that runs ads (like Google Adsense) and an account for an online cash transfer provider (like PayPal) for you to receive your earnings. However, the income would not come instantaneously and it might take you several months for your ads to earn substantially so this money-making venture is at best done as a sideline. Setting up a blog is easy as popular blog hosts such as WordPress and Blogspot provide users a step-by-step guide to starting an account.

Roadie – Fancy yourself as a music lover and traveller? Do you find yourself hopping from one music festival after another? Then this is the right job for you. Be part of the band and get to experience life on the road as a tech crew for musicians. Have access to areas fans can only dream about, plus get the chance to rub idols with your idols as they go on tour. A sound technician degree will help you clinch this travelling career.

Resort Jobs – Resorts, whether they’re in the tropics or in the cold mountains are great places to check out if you’re looking for ways to earn cash while on tour. Most of these establishments are more than eager to hire travelers as staffers and work in jobs as varied as front desk attendants, cooks and entertainers amongst others. Resorts look for diversity so they would actually seek out foreigners to cater to the needs of their clientele who all come from different parts of the world.

These careers are just a small sampling of the opportunities that await adventurous travellers who want to earn a living while they tour. You can also work as a cruise ship member, a flight attendant, an au pair (live-in nanny), or even join the military! If your current job permits it, you don’t even have to switch careers if your duties can be accomplished through telecommuting.

So what are you waiting for? The world is waiting for you. Go out there and explore!