4 Grooming Advice for Millennials Entering Their First Job

Starting your first job can be both exciting and scary. Millennials often don’t know what to wear at their first job. Here are some grooming tips that will assist you on making a great impression on your boss or co-workers.

Choose clothes that make you look older

In the workforce, people tend to equate age with experience and expertise. This can put millennial professionals at a disadvantage, regardless of how qualified they are. It’s a good idea to choose a wardrobe that makes you look older.

Even if your company lets you get away with wearing jeans, you may want to least wear khakis. You male professionals may also want to try growing a little bit of a beard. It can add a few years to your face, which will make you seem a little wiser and more mature.

Take care of your facial hair

Young men need to know how to deal with their facial hair. On the other hand, it makes them look older. However, it’s also important to keep your beard trimmed and tidy. You need to take care of it regularly to truly fit in at your first job. If you can’t, it’s better to shave it.

Customize your wardrobe for your profession

Most people think that dressing professionally requires wearing a suit. That many be the case in many industries, but it isn’t necessary or even appropriate in many professional jobs. For some jobs, a multi-threaded suit is perfect. In other jobs, such as tech start-ups, it is quite common to see majority of employees in jeans.

You need to know the company’s dress code. Some companies have both a formal and unspoken dress code. The dress code may not technically require you to wear a tie, but it may still be an expectation. If you are unsure of what to wear, it is best to speak to either your supervisor or a senior co-worker. They’ll be happy to give you some advice.

Women should downplay their attractiveness

Attractive young women have to work harder to be taken seriously. They should generally choose an outfit that downplays their attractiveness, without hiding it effectively. In particular, attractive women in their 20s have to work harder and dress wisely to earn respect. It is recommended to wear outfits that hide their curves and avoid anything that is too low-cut or tight.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Women working in the fashion industry need to look attractive to succeed, so they need to play by a different set of rules.

Have some essential clothes in your wardrobe

There are a number of clothes that you will need to wear regularly on your job. Of course, these accessories depend on your company’s dress code. For instance: a few blazers, several pairs of fitted, non-jean pants, cropped, black pants, appropriate heels and sleeveless blouse with the appropriate length.

Your own wardrobe may be a little different, but these are some good staples for women in most workplaces. An appropriate wardrobe for men may look similar, except they should have loafer shoes and dress shirts.

Transitioning from school to the workforce is never easy, but it can be made less intimidating if you know how to dress like a professional. Your first job will go smoothly if you follow these tips.



Source: Unsplash (image)