25 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues and Boss

In case you haven’t noticed, holiday season is already in full swing. So, if you find yourself running out of ideas on what to give your colleagues or boss this Christmas, you’re at luck because we’ve compiled this list of last-minute gifts for you. And oh, don’t even worry about breaking the bank by buying gifts. You’ll find the gifts under this list to be very affordable and easy to find.

Desk plants – We all need a touch of green in the office. Succulents are very ideal as desk plants because they require minimal attention and care.

Paper weight – Perfect for anyone who often deals with a lot of paper work.

Laser pointer – A simple yet thoughtful gift for your boss or boardroom buddy. Laser pointers are useful during boardroom presentations.

Book – Nothing beats the gift of knowledge during the holiday season.

Book end – Maybe it’s time for your colleagues to organize all his/her books into a mini library.

Gift basket – This is something you can readily buy at the mall or grocery store. But if you have time, you can also create your own gift basket and add a personalized touch.

Coffee mug – It’s the most cliché of all gift-giving ideas, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

CD/DVD – Is your colleague/boss a fan of a particular movie, artist or song? So why not give a copy of their favourite album or movie?

Gift card – If you hate the idea of going to the mall for a last-minute gift shopping trip then buying a gift card is another convenient option.

Pen holder – Your colleague or boss will never struggle to find a pen ever again.

Box of treats – Unless your officemates has a particular food allergy, a box of treats (chocolates, candies, etc.) is pretty much failproof gift.

Baked goods – Because your officemates don’t want none unless you’ve got buns hun LOL. But seriously, cookies, brownies and artisan breads are very appropriate holiday treats.

Colored pens – Fuel your colleagues’ doodling habit with colored pens of sharpies. They will love it!

Hygiene kit – Sanitizer, moisturizer, antibacterial wipes – they’re not just for your boss with a severe case of germaphobia.

Beverages – If you’re ultra-observant, you’ll know by now who among your officemates are die-hard fans of coffee or tea. So why not a box of hard-to-find coffee or a special box of herbal tea as a Christmas present?

Water bottle – Because everyone drinks water so everyone pretty much could use one.

Luggage tag – For the aid travellers or for those who are going home for the holidays, a luggage tag would really be thoughtful.

Stress ball – Let’s face it, we all get stressed at some point.

Food keeper ­– Useful for storing and heating food as well as for keeping that unfinished slice of pizza you had for lunch.

Scarf – Baby, it’s cold outside.

Desk cleaning set – Spring cleaning at the end of the year, remember? And it’s something that your officemate can use every day.

Planner – No offense but some people need a little more planning in their life.

Desk calendar – For those who need a little help keeping up with deadlines. Again, no offense.

Printed photos – Find a group photo of you and your officemates, print it, write a meaningful message at the back and voila! – the perfect holiday gift.

Christmas card – The ultimate last-minute gift, Christmas cards may not be worth that much, but hey, you know what they say: It’s the thought that counts.

What did you get your colleague or boss this Christmas? Tell us about it in the comment section below!


Source: The Times (image)