10 Things on Your Resume that Might be Costing You Jobs

What do employers look out for in a job application? We surveyed over 300 hirers in Singapore and found that the most important consideration for selecting a candidate is a well-structured resume. On the other hand, one of the top reasons for not hiring a candidate is a poorly constructed CV.

Ai Ping, Human Resources Executive of jobsDB Singapore, agrees. “The essential information about a candidate we look out for are their last three work experiences listed on their resumes. And that should be easy to find, easy to read.”

So how does your resume look? For a more structured resume, make sure that yours is free from these points:

More than two pages: Employers really don’t much time to read every applicant’s resumes. Keep it short, with no more than two pages, especially when you’ve only acquired a few years of experience.

Paragraphs to describe work experience: This is not going to help hirers skim through your resume to get vital information they are looking for. Keep it to bullet points.

Every single project you’ve worked on: Your resume is a summary of your work experience. Highlight only the most relevant accomplishments.

An inappropriate email address: What is inappropriate? Any email addresses that include more than just your name. Also, avoid using your work email address.

A career objective: Leave specifying the job position you’re applying to in your cover letter.

Your relationships: (It might be obvious, but we’ve seen this!) The hiring managers don’t need to know who you are related to.

Your hobbies: Save the space on your resume. If you really want to talk about it, bring your hobbies up in your cover letter or even in your interview.

Your secondary and primary education: Unless you haven’t obtained your diploma or degree, there is no need to include your secondary and primary education.

Your GPA: If your GPA isn’t very impressive, save the space in the education section of your resume by only stating that you’ve received diploma or degree.

Spelling or grammatical errors: Please, we can’t emphasise this enough. Do a spell check and have a friend help you proofread your resume before sending it out.


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